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MPS (IIPS-Bombay)
MRD (Santiniketan)
M.Phil (Indore)
Ph.D (MU)
E-mail: niranjansahoo@xiss.ac.in; niranjan999@rediffmail.com
Ext.: 215

Prof Niranjan Sahoo was born in a village in Orissa in 1970. He is academically specialized with rural development domain in general; and specialized with Disaster Management, Project Management, Management of NGOs and Corporate Social Responsibilities in particular. In his 15-years of job experience, he initially joined a Germany based funding agency located in Calcutta, India in 1997 as his first job. He left the organization for higher studies (M. Phil–cum-PhD an integrated programme) from University of Indore and after the completion of M. Phil he joined an Administrative Training Institute, Government of Tripura in 2000 where he was extensively involved in rural development trainings which were imparted to the IAS, IFS and the state level Cadre Officials. After 8 years he joined Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Ranchi, India. He was also felicitated with Visva-Bharati Snatakattor Upadhi in 1997 at Santiniketan by the then Prime Minister of India, Shri I.K.Gujaral. Prof. Sahoo has received International Intellectual Award 2010 in an International Conference on “Indo-Thai Friendship Summit and Economic Growth” held in Bangkok, Thailand on 30th December 2010 for outstanding rural development teachings. He has traveled to some countries i.e. Bangladesh, England, Singapore, South Africa and Thailand for academic causes. He has a total of 10 National and 2 International research publications to his credit so far. He has also done a short-term course on “Human Resource Management Planning” from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, India.

Dr. Sahoo was invited as Guest Professor to deliver a few lectures in some of South Korean Universities i.e. i) University of Suwon, Seoul ii) Ansan University, iii) Vision University, Jeonju, and iv) Sinhan University, Seoul in the month of May 2016 on Indian Education System and Disaster Management. He has visited China, South Korea, Singapore, Bangladesh, Nepal and Thailand.