XISS believes that student experience is the key to academic and social success. The campus is a warm, welcoming place that strengthens and enhances the educational experiences through fostering Jesuit values among the students. The students as partners share ideas and initiate changes, keeping in tune with the ever-changing corporate world. At XISS, we provide all the benefits of a close-knit school with the amenities of a top-notch B-school. A common thread of exceptional talent and a desire to learn and excel ties the students coming from diverse cultural and demographic background, together. In this lively environment, each student feels inspired to exploit their potential to the fullest. The atmosphere not only creates deep, lifelong friendships, a valuable business network, but lasting personal connections. XISS students work hard, but have just as much fun. The students actively participate in sports, academic events, cultural activities, social work, clubs and organisations. From case study contests to basketball tournaments, organising events to volunteering opportunities, this is where they get involved with communities that matter. The socio-cultural ethos at the campus plays an important role in providing vibrancy to an otherwise, very demanding life of a future-manager. XISS offers great learning experience - something which lasts a lifetime. At the end of their time here, the students possess the self-belief to be whoever they want to be and feel confident about their future.