Obscura is the Official Media Club of XISS. It was established in 2015 by a group of like-minded students who came together for this initiative to spread the Institutional activities in the media and amongst other stakeholders.

Dr Ranjit Toppo, Dr Jayant Jaipal Singh, Dr Rohit Vishal Kumar were the brains behind the club and the student body was formed by Nelson Chacko, Shreysee Banka , Rudrendu Naskar, Nazish Imdad and Nipun Jain in the coming years.


Obscura aims to connect XISS and functions as a bridge to all its stakeholders, namely students- both current and prospective, valuable alumni, corporates, media houses, etc.


Obscura's vision is to showcase the real potential, talent & capabilities of XISS students, alumni, faculty and of an institution as a whole to the world.


  • To work as the branding machine for XISS, and cover various academic & cultural events at the institution, leveraging its presence over all major platforms like Facebook, Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram.
  • To focus on building a connection between its old and current students and binding them together in the XISS family to celebrate various milestones achieved by Alumni and alma-mater. To communicate and engage with the Alumni for continuous prosperous relations throughout the year.


  • Presidents - Adrita Dutta, Manav Harit
  • Vertical Heads -
  • Liaison - Sonakshi Adya, Priyanshu Thakur
  • Content - Deepshikha
  • Blog - Anannyo Bhattacharjee
  • Design - Oshin Runda, Rohan Kumar
  • Social Media - Adity Singh, Kajal Kumari, Shubham
  • Photography - Apurva Bara, Himanshu Lakra
  • YouTube - Fredy Deep Xalxo
  • Alumni - Anand Shankar Mohanty


  1. Liaison - Responsible for media coverage of XISS Events and essential accomplishments in Newspapers, Websites of Media Houses & Digital Media portals.
  2. Content - Responsible for 3 broad categories of work-
    • Newspaper Media Reports (Hindi & English)
    • Event Report- XISS documentation (English)
    • Social Media Posts (XISS & Obscura handles)
  3. Blog − Blogs are categorized as follows and handled by the respective members:
    • Faculty Speak, Student Speak, HRhapsody, FinBizz, The Marketing Diaries, Ruralog, MIT (Management & IT)
  4. Design - Creative poster creation for XISS and Obscura social media handles.
  5. Social Media - Follows the event calendar for social media posting- as story and post according to prominence.
  6. Photography - Responsibilities are categorized as follows:
    • Offline event photography & videography
    • Online Webinar screenshots
    • Miscellaneous ad-hoc duties
  7. YouTube - Responsible for Live Streaming events and webinars conducted by XISS on XISS YouTube channel. Curation of Informative videos like: College Information, Alumni Interviews, Alumni Speak, Student Views, Counselling Centre information
  8. Alumni - Responsible for maintaining a conduit between XISS and Alumni base to enhance and strengthen alumni relations.



Aawaz aims to provide a platform to people who have an unending interest in performing art be it drama, writing, storytelling or blooming creative ideas.


The club “AAWAZ” as the name suggests aims at giving voice to the unsaid aspects of the society that are in dire need of being expressed. These aspects are expressed through drama by creating a visionary world portrayed by the youth to create an unequivocal culture.

Aawaz is a 2019 formed club that performs various street plays, theatre, mono acts and has represented XISS at various other colleges and wishes to reach the youth to create a better future.

Our vision is to become a voice of the suppressed and be the change we wish to see.


Aawaz being a dramatic society usually works offline. But due to the present pandemic situation we have shifted to online (digital) platform for a short duration.


  • President (Female) - Purvaa Ghosh
  • President (Male) - Amitesh Gaurav
  • Media Design - Rohan Kumar
  • Cinematography - Lokesh Jajodia
  • Street Play- - Chandan Prasad
  • Content - Ankita Roy
  • Mono Act - Akash Kumar
  • Open Mic - Saptarshi Chakravarti
  • Direction - Amarjeet Kumar
  • Instrument - Animesh Sarkar
  • Media Handle - Tasnim Fatima
  • Theatre - Megha Yadav

EMBARK - The Management Club Of XISS


“To build and foster a community of preeminent professionals who strive to change society for the better through their unique thought processes and rare business acumen. “


We aim to serve as a platform for the student community to hone their knowledge in the domain of management and be transformative leaders through our PAN India and Inter- Departmental events.


  • To showcase Embark as a club driven by sheer passion for strategic and managerial thinking.
  • To invest in forging strong bonds with other B-Schools.
  • To increase awareness regarding the business world.
  • To enhance participation level among the students through our PAN India and Inter- Departmental Events.
  • To enhance the creativity and necessary management skills of students in the ever- changing field of management.


  • Decision Making Body - Core Committree Members
  • Executive members - Main Coordinators
  • Vertical members - Mail access Personnel, Finance Personal, Social Media Handlers, Designing & Content Personnel


  • Core Committee Members - The Engine behind the club. All decisions about what events to conducted, in what manner, when and how are to be taken by them.
  • Main Coordinators - All executive work to be done and supervised. Keeping a watchful eye on everything.
  • Mail Access Personnel - All emails on behalf of Embark team to be framed and sent through these personnel.
  • Finance Personnel - Keeping track of the finances of the club. Work with close cooperation with the Core committee & Main coordinating members to find out ways to raise finances for any event, offline or online.
  • Social media Handlers - Increase the visibility of the page. Proofreading the content carefully to ensure its error-free, before uploading any post. Keeping track of social media footprints.
  • Designing & Content Personnel - Experiment with new templates, create new ways of creating posters & writing good content. Being Embark’s social media face, being innovative and making people connect with us, through your work.



To create a team where dance is an emotion.


To promote synergies while building a learning and competitive environment through dance, where we Learn, Create, Evolve and Perform.


To bring together talents from all departments and backgrounds and create a team that inspires tomorrow.


SPOCs are responsible for handling all the issues and opportunities.

  • SPOC - Preeti Singh and Leena Ekka
  • Fb handler - Ananta and Manisha
  • Instagram handler - Pragya, Sushmita and Rino
  • YouTube handler - Riya

Other Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Content Writing – Preeti, Ananta, Candida
  • Choreography – Aishwarys, Divya, Manisha, Naman, Leena, Shradha, Pragya, Mrinalini
  • Social Media Promotions – Sushmita, Manisha, Aril, Rino
  • Technical work – Anurag, Aril, Riya, Mrinalini, Pragya, Leena



“To be a creative community of professionals recognized for preparing leaders with a creative approach who contribute ideas and solutions to the community and beyond”


  • To develop professional and leadership skills for the team
  • To make Creategic a platform, where people can showcase their creativity and talent to the world
  • To make Creategic a brand for XISS
  • To ensure that Creategic is an active club that has a good traffic and engagement in all the social media platforms
  • To ensure that Creategic’s each vertical has equal opportunity and growth for each of its members



The President/Vice President are the figurehead of the club and essentially shapes the aims of the club for the year. To prepare, in conjunction with the all team, the agenda for meetings and ensure that that any events/ Process are well organized.


Will check all the posters before posting, take creativity to new heights with DIY, stone art wood art etc. Have a creative mind and introduce new ideas. Have to work in a close contact with artisans and other team members.


The role of the SPOKES/ JOINT SPOKES is to maximise press/media coverage for the club, ensuring publicity pre and post events wherever possible.


The club treasurer is responsible for all of a club’s money, both incoming and outgoing, and needs to keep accurate records to ensure legal compliance and will also be responsible for the sponsorship part with the assistance of whole team.


Proofreading of content and posters before posting and increasing the followers and its reach


The essential highlights of this vertical are to possess good communication skills, relationship building, determination, focus and good documentation.


Have to attend all the meetings and recording of attendance, prepare the minutes of every meetings, take regular feedbacks with the club members.


Handle the collaboration part with other clubs of XISS, AAXISS, NGOs, Corporates, etc.


Ensures if the content is ready and good to go with the posters or other art forms, meeting the deadline.


They work as Intermediaries and makes sure the equal involvement of every vertical.


The quality of posters and videos will be assessed by the head member before making it public.


  • In a traditional setup, the club operated on the basis of formal and informal communication between the club members within the club and with members of different clubs to collaborate and work together. But with the shift from physical classroom and to virtual classroom the mode of working shifted completely to virtual mode where the club members communicated and operated using social media and virtual setup like Google meet.
  • With every idea that is put forward by the members of our club, we discuss it amongst ourselves regarding its feasibility and once everyone is assured that the work can be executed keeping in mind the set forth guidelines, we seek approval from the Students’ Club Office for every artwork/ creative content work/ event blueprints. Upon approaching the set deadline we collate the work and share it with our social media team to be displayed onto the various social media handles of Creategic.



RCSR is a Rotary‐sponsored service club for young men and women ages 18 to 30. Rotaract Clubs are either community or university based, and they're sponsored by a local Rotaract organization. This makes them true partners in service and key members of the family of Rotary. As one of Rotaract's most significant and fastest‐growing service programs, with more than 9,500 clubs in about 170 countries and geographical areas, Rotaract has become a worldwide phenomenon.


Today's young people will become tomorrow's parents, professionals, business leaders, and community leaders. With the help of programs like Rotaract, they can gain the tools and skills necessary to develop into responsible, productive members of society. Now is the time for the Rotaract club, to focus on the future challenging the new generations to test their talents, develop new skills, and confront issues they will face in their lifetime. The Rotaract program can instill in its members' life skills that can be shared with others for generations to come.


The Rotaract club organizes a variety of project and activities, depending primarily on the interest of the club members. However, within the Rotaract program, all clubs undertake three kinds of activities in varying degrees:

  1. Professional Development
  2. Leadership Development
  3. Service Projects

Together these three areas ensure a balanced club program and provide important experience and opportunities for the personal development of each Rotaractor.


  • To develop professional and leadership skills;
  • To emphasize respect for the rights of others, based on recognition of the worth of each individual;
  • To recognize the dignity and value of all useful occupations as opportunities to serve;
  • To recognize, practice, and promote ethical standards as leadership qualities and vocational responsibilities;
  • To develop knowledge and understanding of the needs, problems and opportunities in the community and worldwide;
  • To provide opportunities for personal and group activities to serve the community and promote international understanding and goodwill toward all people.


  • PRESIDENT - The president's primary role is to ensure that the club's professional and leadership development activities are successful and that its service projects benefit community.
  • VICE - PRESIDENT - The vice president's primary role is to support the president, handling special assignments as directed by the president, staying current on club goals and activities
  • SECRETARY - The secretary's primary responsibility is to help the club functions efficiently. The secretary should be well-organized and have good communication skills.
  • TREASURER - The treasurer works with the secretary to maintain accurate financial records. The treasurer should be a responsible, detail‐oriented person.
  • JOINT SECRETARY - The joint secretary's primary responsibility is to help the secretary in carrying out the club functions efficiently. The joint secretary should be well-organized and have good communication skills and be an efficient member.
  • SERGEANT AT ARMS - The Sergeant-at-Arms responsibilities include to be continuously on the alert to avert any incidence that might undermine from the dignity and prestige associated with Rotary clubs.
  • CONTENT TEAM - The position of Club Editor Head and Joint Club Editor Head are in the leadership of this content team.
  • CREATIVE TEAM - The position of Creative Head and Joint Creative Head are in the leadership of this content team.
  • MEDIA HEAD - Create Press Releases for the events and activities of the RCSR.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA HEAD - Handle the interactions on all Social Media Platforms and put out relevant content regarding the activities and initiatives of the RCSR.
  • YOUTUBE HEAD - Handle the interactions on all YouTube video content sharing and viewing platform and share relevant content regarding the activities and initiatives of the RCSR in the video format.
  • WOMEN EMPOWERMENT CELL HEAD - Handle the interactions related to Women Empowerment Projects
  • PR TEAM - Handle the PR Activities of the RCSR Club.
  • CLOTH DONATION HEAD - Handle the interactions related to cloth and fabric donation drives conducted by the RCSR
  • INTERNATIONAL SERVICE DIRECTOR - Responsibilities Include reporting each international service projects, extract from R.I./District Publication about international service projects
  • CULTURAL COORDINATOR DIRECTOR - Responsibilities include reporting of each cultural coordination projects, involvement in the facilitation of cultural club projects,
  • CLUB SERVICE DIRECTOR - Responsibilities include maintenance attendance books, guest and member
  • COMMUNITY SERVICE DIRECTOR - Responsibilities include reporting of each community service projects and extracting from R.I./District Publication about community


Rotaract clubs bring together people ages 18 and older to exchange ideas with leaders in the community, develop leadership and professional skills, and have fun through service. In communities worldwide, Rotary and Rotaract members work side by side to take action through service.

Students and young professionals to take action through community and international service that creates sustainable solutions to local and global challenges, connect with the global community of rotary to expand professional networks, exchange ideas with leaders, and cultivate lifelong friendship around the world, develop skills to become community and global leaders, make friends locally and globally, and have fun while recognizing the importance of Service Above Self.

The mode of working can be online as well as offline, keeping in view the modern age and tools available to the Rotaractors. An extraordinary meeting may be convened in person or through electronic communications.