EMBARK - The Management Club Of XISS


“To build and foster a community of preeminent professionals who strive to change society for the better through their unique thought processes and rare business acumen. “


We aim to serve as a platform for the student community to hone their knowledge in the domain of management and be transformative leaders through our PAN India and Inter- Departmental events.


  • To showcase Embark as a club driven by sheer passion for strategic and managerial thinking.
  • To invest in forging strong bonds with other B-Schools.
  • To increase awareness regarding the business world.
  • To enhance participation level among the students through our PAN India and Inter- Departmental Events.
  • To enhance the creativity and necessary management skills of students in the ever- changing field of management.


  • President - Milan Sai, Shreya Samui
  • Vice President - Satyam Kumar


  • Core Committee Members - The Engine behind the club. All decisions about what events to conducted, in what manner, when and how are to be taken by them.
  • Main Coordinators - All executive work to be done and supervised. Keeping a watchful eye on everything.
  • Mail Access Personnel - All emails on behalf of Embark team to be framed and sent through these personnel.
  • Finance Personnel - Keeping track of the finances of the club. Work with close cooperation with the Core committee & Main coordinating members to find out ways to raise finances for any event, offline or online.
  • Social media Handlers - Increase the visibility of the page. Proofreading the content carefully to ensure its error-free, before uploading any post. Keeping track of social media footprints.
  • Designing & Content Personnel - Experiment with new templates, create new ways of creating posters & writing good content. Being Embark’s social media face, being innovative and making people connect with us, through your work.
  • Decision Making Body - Core Committree Members
  • Executive members - Main Coordinators
  • Vertical members - Mail access Personnel, Finance Personal, Social Media Handlers, Designing & Content Personnel