“Women Helpline” is an emergency toll free Phone Outreach Service provided as a platform for women to report and to register the atrocities committed against them and to seek justice and help. XISS is the nodal agency for Women Helpline in Jharkhand. Women Helpline is sponsored by the Department of Social Welfare, Women and Child Development, Government of Jharkhand in association with XISS and other partner organisations in a bid to reach out to women who have suffered atrocities.

The “Women Helpline” at XISS provides counselling services to women and families that are victims of discord. In case of violence “Women Helpline” provides crisis intervention and in those cases where reconciliation is not possible the “Women Helpline” gives legal referral or rehabilitation services.

The Women Helpline services are available from 07:00 am in the morning till 10:00 pm in the night and is provided free of charge at the toll free number 10921. Women Helpline considers all cases in which women are exploited – dowry, violence, rape, prostitution, HIV/AIDS, and other scenarios. The objective is to provide a platform from where the exploited women can effectively get help and support to fight back and live with dignity. The interventions and strategies used by “Women Helpline” can be divided into two broad categories: Curative which consists of providing counselling, medical and legal services, short stay homes, vocational training and efforts to mainstream the victims; Preventive to provide an atmosphere for a gender just society via education, information, preventive intervention and equal participation of men.