Graduating students receive lessons of success in corporate world from Ashish Kumar Srivastava, CEO & MD, PNB Metlife

Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Ranchi, one of the premier B-Schools of the country, celebrated its 61st Annual Convocation Ceremony on 26 May 2022 in the Fr Herman Rasschaert Memorial Auditorium.

This year 296 students graduated across five programmes comprising 74 students in Human Resource Management, 72 students in Rural Management, 35 students in Information Technology, 58 students in Financial Management and 57 students in Marketing Management respectively. 30 students from across programmes were declared the top rank holders and amongst them 12 gold, 10 silver, 5 bronze medals along with 3 cash prizes were distributed respectively. 31 students were also awarded with Institutional Scholarships worth Rs 9.7 lakhs namely Fr Michael Van den Bogaert SJ Memorial Scholarship for meritorious students of SC/ST category, Fr Michael Albert Windey SJ Memorial Scholarship for meritorious students on the whole open to all, and Fr Louis Francken SJ Memorial Scholarship for overall performance of all categories of students.

Fr Ajit Kumar Xess SJ, Chairman, XISS-GB earlier declared the Convocation ceremony open and wished the graduating students on their special day for them to excel and succeed in their lives ahead. He reminded them to be the professionals with a difference and follow the path of integrity, values and righteousness and carry forward the XISS legacy.

Director, XISS, Dr Joseph Marianus Kujur SJ presented the Annual Report of 2021-22 highlighting the achievements, strategies, practices and learnings of the Institute in the past year. In his address to the audience, he said that it is his immense pleasure in seeing this special Corona batch graduating, as this batch has fought the adversities and risen up to the Institute’s motto, ‘Professionals with a difference’. The adversities have helped them become resilient and show courage in times of crisis and take charge of the situation when needed.

He further added that XISS has instilled in them values, compassion and integrity during their rigorous academic training which has well reflected in their actions as well. Students have wonderfully managed their academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, social orientation has helped them connect with the society and the management student side of their personality was displayed during the CASCADE 2022 event. It shows immense growth in their individual personalities which, I am sure, will be very helpful when they navigate through the world.

He also mentioned that, living up to the legacy of successful placements, 96.48 % students this year have secured jobs in leading companies of the industry, such as Deliotte, EY GDS; Infosys, TCS, MG Motor, Tata Motors, VE Commercials (Volvo), PayU, MSwipe, HDFC Bank Ltd, Axis Bank Ltd, ICICI Lombard, ICICI Securities, Cashpor Microcredit, Reliance Retail Ltd, Bharti Airtel, BAIF Development Research Foundation, BRLPS, JSLPS, SOS, Reliance Industries, Vedanta Ltd., Adani Wilmar, MTR Foods Pvt Ltd, Alkem Laboratories Ltd., Manipal Tata Medical College, Xiaomi Technology Pvt Ltd. etc.

Chief Guest of the Convocation, Mr Ashish Kumar Srivastava, CEO & MD, PNB Metlife India Insurance Company Limited and also an illustrious alumnus of PGDPM (Batch 1989-91) of XISS in his convocation address congratulated all the graduating students on their transition into the corporate world. Reminiscing his old days, he said that as a student of XISS, I had an excellent opportunity to receive world class education. I still keep coming back to the values because those values are your differential element too. There is a huge expectation of potential and enthusiasm from you and I am very confident that you are going to be very successful. Your journey of success is the testament of the vision of XISS.

Advising the students to keep up the pace with the changing world he further added that there are social tension and technological revolution which they are going to be exposed to because technology is changing and the future of work is modernizing. Now the data and its complexity are solved with help of Artificial Intelligence. Till now small automation and robotization was fine but now more complex things are here and because of this the way we work is going to change. One of the things to keep pace is continuous learning. There is a big opportunity outside whether one should want to work or join a start-up. Go out there and challenge yourself, ask your questions because you can change the world and you will, he concluded.

Mr Shan Prabhakaran, Manager, New Business Model-Farming at Mahindra, an alumnus, of PGDM Marketing Management (Batch 2011-13) of the Institute was conferred with The Fr Michael Van den Bogaert SJ Memorial Award – 2022. In his acceptance speech he stated that he has high regards for XISS and the faculty members and that this award comes with greater responsibility towards this institution. He shared that XISS has taught him values of thought leadership, execution leadership and social leadership and that it important to measure how we affects lives of people though our actions.

The vote of thanks was given by Dr Pradeep Kerketta SJ, Assistant Director, XISS. The event was also graced by Dr Amar E. Tigga, Dean Academics; Fr Xavier Soreng SJ, Superior, XISS; along with Dr Ramakant Agrawal, Head PGDM (Human Resource Management); Dr Himadri Sinha, Head PGDM (Rural Management); Dr Mahua Banerjee Head, PGDM (IT); Dr Arup Mukherjee, Head, PGDM (Finance) and Dr Pinaki Ghosh, Head, PGDM (Marketing) and other faculty members, esteemed alumni, parents and medalists of batch of 2020-22. The ceremony was successfully coordinated by Dr Kumar Mohit Spring and Dr Rajshree Verma. The ceremony closed with the national anthem as the student’s bid adieu to the Institute. 

List of Publications:

Further in the event, the guests released the following publications:

Medal recipients of the 61st Annual Convocation –

Sl. No.Programme NameGold Medal (1st Rank)Silver Medal (2nd Rank)Bronze Medal (3rd Rank)
 1PGDM - Human Resource ManagementNIPM Medal (Ranchi) Branch – Ms Nishita DeyMs Adrita DuttaMs Nidhi Singh
 2PGDM - Rural ManagementCCL Medal – Ms Riti Shalini TiruMs Priyansa KumariMs Sunanda Kumari
 3PGDM - Information TechnologyMs Shrishti SharmaMr Ghanshyam Kumar SinghMr Som Kumar
 4PGDM - Marketing ManagementMs Sneha RoyMs Neha KumariMs Shubham Sahay
 5PGDM – Financial ManagementMs Satyapriya MitraMs Riya Verma Ms Anima Gracy Lakra

Other constituted Medals and Cash Awards

  1. (HRM) NTPC Gold Medal, New Delhi – Ms Nishita Dey
  2. (HRM) NTPC Gold Medal, New Delhi for ST/SC – Ms Soumya Guria
  3. (HRM) NIPM Kolkata, Silver Medal– Ms Sonakshi Adya
  4. (HRM) Best Social Worker (Silver Medal) – Ms Leena Ekka
  5. (HRM) Unni Krishnan Book Grant of Rs. 5000/- to Ms Nishita Dey
  6. (HRM) Best Communication Cash Award of Rs. 10,000/- to Ms Adrita Dutta 
  7. (RM) NTPC Gold Medal, New Delhi for ST/SC – Ms Riti Shalini Tiru
  8.  (RM) CASA Gold Medal, best outgoing student – Mr Siddharth Abhishek Guria            
  9.  (RM) SODA Silver Medal, Best Rural Field Work – Mr Siddharth Abhishek Guria, Mr Prashant Kumar and Mr Rahul Minj
  10.  (IT) Platlap Solution Gold Medal – Ms Shrishti Sharma
  11.  (Marketing) Nearen Bodra Gold Medal, highest aggregate for ST – Mr Arvind Kujur
  12. (HRM) Best graduating female student for academic excellence – Ms Sonakshi Adya
  13. (RM) Best Performing student in academic among the SC/ST category – Mr Siddharth Abhishek Guria

List of students for XISS Scholarship 2020-22 Batch (for 2nd Year)

Sl.No. Name Roll Number Amount
PGDM (Marketing Management)
Fr Michael Bogaert SJ Memorial Scholarship
1. Mr Arvind Kujur (1st)  09 50,000/-
2. Ms Apurva Bara (2nd) 02 40,000/-
Fr Michael Windey SJ Memorial Scholarship
1. Ms Sneha Roy (1st) 06 30,000/-
2. Ms Neha Kumari (2nd) 53 20,000/-
Fr Louis Francken SJ Memorial Scholarship
1. Ms Aakansha Bagga (1st) 39 30,000/-
2. Ms Tulip Saha (2nd) 28 20,000/-
3. Mr Kishan Kumar (2nd) 05 20,000/-
PGDM (Information Technology)
Fr Michael Bogaert SJ Memorial Scholarship
1. Ms Ruby Vaishali Minz (1st) 11 50,000/-
2. Mr Tanmay Kumar Patra (2nd) 16 40,000/-
Fr Michael Windey SJ Memorial Scholarship
1. Ms Shristhi Sharma (1st) 24 30,000/-
2. Mr Ghanshyam Kumar Singh (2nd) 02 20,000/-
Fr Louis Francken SJ Memorial Scholarship
1. Mr Aveek Stephen Das (1st) 18 30,000/-
2. Ms Tanya Sengupta (2nd) 20 20,000/-
PGDM (Human Resource Management)
Fr Michael Bogaert SJ Memorial Scholarship
1. Ms Soumya Guria (1st) 07 50,000/-
2. Ms Khushboo Balra (2nd) 02 40,000/-
Fr Michael Windey SJ Memorial Scholarship
1. Ms Nidhi Singh (1st) 03 30,000/-
2. Mr Anchit Kumar (2nd) 10 20,000/-
Fr Louis Francken SJ Memorial Scholarship
1. Ms Sonakshi Adya (1st) 54 30,000/-
2. Mr Karamjeet Singh (2nd) 01 20,000/-
PGDM (Rural Management)
Fr Michael Bogaert SJ Memorial Scholarship
1. Ms Riti Shalini Tiru (1st) 67 50,000/-
2. Mr Pawan Kumar (2nd) 20 40,000/-
Fr Michael Windey SJ Memorial Scholarship
1. Ms Riti Shalini Tiru (1st) 67 30,000/-
2. Ms Priyansha Kumari (2nd) 03 20,000/-
Fr Louis Francken SJ Memorial Scholarship
1. Mr Siddharth Abhishek Guria (1st) 04 30,000/-
2. Ms Sunanda Kumari (2nd) 36 20,000/-
PGDM (Financial Management)
Fr Michael Bogaert SJ Memorial Scholarship
1. Ms Anima Gracy Lakra (1st) 08 50,000/-
2. Ms Riya Tirkey (2nd) 07 40,000/-
Fr Michael Windey SJ Memorial Scholarship
1. Ms Satyapriya Mitra (1st) 09 30,000/-
2. Ms Riya Verma (2nd) 10 20,000/-
Fr Louis Francken SJ Memorial Scholarship
1. Ms Candida Barla (1st) 14 30,000/-
2. Mr Akash Kumar (2nd) 60 20,000/-

Human Resource Management: Ms Nishita Dey

The zeal within me never allowed me to give up on my efforts. And here I go, receiving the gold medal for the batch. I would like to thank the esteemed institute XISS Ranchi for providing me with all the guidance and support throughout without which I would have never been able to achieve the milestone. I got placed into Vedanta Limited and would like to take the legacy of the institute ahead and devote myself towards the development of the society personally as well as professionally.

Rural Management: Ms Riti Shalini Tiru

I’m glad to share that I’ve achieved gold medal for securing 1st position in the batch 2020-22 of PGDM Rural management Programme, XISS. It’s a very auspicious moment for me and I’m really thankful to XISS for providing me with such an immense platform. Currently I’m placed in IDFC first bank as a management trainee and in post future I would like to grow my career in banking sector itself. 

Information Technology: Ms Shrishti Sharma

Some say challenges are a part of life, some say changes are inevitable. But yes, I can say that I stood as a professional with a difference and proved leaders not to worry of the storm. There is always a silver lining on the clouds edge for me holding this gold I can say it’s the golden lining. Currently I’m placed in WNS Global and I would like to thank my every guiding angel who helped me to achieve what I am today.

Marketing Management: Ms Sneha Roy

I am extremely honoured and happy to receive the medal. This is one of the most significant events of my student career and this will encourage me to work harder in future. I have been placed in Infosys and this honour will encourage me perform better in my workplace. I will be part of corporate world very soon and I intend to excel at my workplace also. My goal is to learn and gain experience as much as I can and move up on the corporate ladder.

Financial Management: Ms Satyapriya Mitra

All the hard work that I have put into my academics has resulted in fruition. This is even more precious because this medal signifies the silver lining after the darkest of the clouds which was the pandemic. I hope I will make my institute and my department proud wherever I go. I thank XISS and the Financial Management Programme for all the opportunities it bestowed upon me. My journey at XISS ends here and my new journey at Deloitte begins from here and I cannot be more ecstatic about the new ventures in my life.