Session on “The New Science Of Managerial Leadership” held

On 22 January 2022, an extremely informative session by Dr RKS Mangesh Dash, President, CHDLNR, and co-founder, TWARAN, was organized for the students of Financial Management Programme of XISS. He shared his valuable insights on "The New Science of Managerial Leadership."

Dr Joseph Marianus Kujur SJ, Director; Dr Arup Mukherjee, Head of Programme (HoP), Financial Management Programme and other faculty members of the programme were also present during the session.

The session began with a welcome speech by Ms Rashmi, a student, and a welcoming remark by Director. Director congratulated the HoP for inviting Mr Mangesh Dash as the guest speaker and bringing a wonderful opportunity for the students to learn about managerial leadership.

Post this, Mr Mangesh Dash in his presentation talked about the new age leader and how the mindset works in helping an individual to show phenomenal discoveries. Following were some of the key points presented by Mr Dash in the session:-

• New leadership tactics in the workplace, as well as Neurolinguistic Programming, which has benefited the industry in speeding up its output.

• Portfolio optimization with the help of neurological drivers.

• Recreating work culture using empathy-driven chatbots and immunocompetency.

• Applying the science of modelling through mental mapping.

Not only he presented his thoughts to students but also engaged everyone with small activities and by showing motivational videos. Faculties also showed equal participation.

This was followed by a thought-provoking Q&A round from the students. Some of the questions asked were:

Ferrao Sameer Joseph (Batch 2020-22): Today we are moving from being a Specialist to being an Expert. What can we do as students to become experts in our field?

Anima Gracy Lakra (Batch 2020-22): How can one move from an adjusting mentality to an innovative mentality?

Ankit Tigga (Batch 2021-23): Impact of theory x, y, z is applicable in real life or not.

Aaron Dirk Lazarus (Batch 2021-23): How to keep up that 100% benchmark at work?

Swapneel Verma (Batch 2021-23): As a good leader, how can we ensure that our strong mental imprint positively impacts the team in a way which reinforces their confidence relating to the achievement of the objective?

Antora (Batch 2021-23): What is your experience in observing the percentage of people standing out to their current contribution rate?

All the questions were very well answered by Mr Mangesh Dash and he also appreciated the questions put forward by the students. He concluded his presentation by thanking the Director, HoP, faculties and students for patiently listening and making the session interactive. The session ended with a vote of thanks by Ms Oshin Runda, a student.

To know the key discussion points of the session, watch the video here. -