Report AICTE ATAL Online FDP


“Emerging Trends in Business Data Analytics for Managers”

The PGDM – Information Technology Programme of Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Ranchi organised a five-day ( 22 November – 26November 2021) Online Faculty Development Programme on Emerging Trends of Business Data Analytics for Managers, sponsored by AICTE ATAL.

In the inaugural programme Dr Mahua Banerjee, Coordinator and Head of Programme (HoP), IT Programme introduced the topic to the august gathering. Dr Joseph Marianus Kujur SJ, Director, XISS, extended a warm welcome to the Chief Guest Dr Aloknath De, SVP/CTO - Samsung R&D India, Bangalore, participants and all the dignitaries. Dr Kujur in his welcome speech spoke on the importance of data handling. He said, "Data is the heart of Business Analytics and in today’s time there is a wide scope for managers who can deal smartly with the analysis of data for business. This has introduced a paradigm shift, as managers can now also work as financial analysts, market researchers and in fields of data and machine learning".

Dr Aloknath De, in his keynote address spoke on the intersection of Business Information Intelligence, Business Statistical Intelligence and Business Modelling Intelligence. The key highlight of Dr De's talk was application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in drawing results using a vast amount of data around us and how decision making in various industries are done. The Inaugural session came to an end with the vote of thanks proposed by Dr Pradeep Kerketta SJ, Assistant Director, XISS.

The first Business Session was engaged by Dr Swagatham Das, Associate Professor, ISI Kolkata. He talked about the evolution of business analytics for data driven decision making and stressed upon the scope of business analytics in the current scenario when data is fluctuating every second. Dr Pradip K. Bala, Professor, IIM Ranchi talked about the relevance of data analytics and on various techniques used in data analysis. Dr Anamika Singh, Director, Singhad Institute of Management and Computer Application engaged the third business session. She spoke about the traits of data analytics.

On the second day of the AICTE ATAL FDP, Mr Poulastya Mukherjee, Robotics Software Engineer, Duspohi Maschinenbou GmbH, Germany delivered on the role of Artificial Intelligence Enabled Business Analytics for Industry 4.0., how AI, Data Analytics and Industry 4.0 intertwine with each other etc. The next session was engaged by Mr Indrajit Kar who delivered upon the importance of Business Analytics for Efficient Business Reengineering with some practical insights. The final session had Mr Anindya Chatterjee, Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Siemens, Bengaluru, who deliberated upon analytics landscape, application of analytics in industrial automation, application of analytics in Marketing and application of analytics in insurance.

Dr Siddhartha Bhattacharyya, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce, London UK and Principal of Rajnagar Mahavidyalaya on third day provided insights on Machine Learning for Portfolio Optimization. The second and third session of the third day of the ATAL FDP was addressed by Mr Atul Jawale, Development Manager, Mindsphere Industrial IoT, Siemens Industry Software, Pune. He delivered on Principles of IoT & Connection with Business, the different Vs of the Big Data in the IoT, how to monetize the IoT with new Business Models and the analytics products on Mindsphere.

Dr Chandrani Singh, Director – MCA Sinhgad Institute of Management, Post Doc Fellow in IT from Lincoln University, Malayasia and Incharge STES Sinhgad Data Centre engaged two consecutive business sessions on the fourth day of the FDP. She spoke on the relevance of business analytics for innovation practices and Pedagogical data Analysis and its relevance to Education. The last session of the day was engaged by Dr Hemant Palivela, Associate Vice President – AI and Machine Learning, eClerx. He spoke on the necessary tools and principles of data visualization.

On fifth day of the FDP, Mr Prosenjit Banerjee, Director – Enterprise Architecture (F5 GBU – Banking), Oracle, Singapore delivered on Interdisciplinary Approaches for Business Data Analytics. The last business session of the FDP was on “Art of Living & Stress Handling with Yoga”, engaged by Mr Sunil Kumar Gupta, Asst. General Manager (Retd.), State Bank of India. He guided the participants on the focus points in meditation and the seven chakras.

Dr Mahua Banerjee introduced the Chief Guest, Dr Mamta Rani Agarwal, Advisor-I, AICTE in the valedictory session. Dr Mamta Rani started her session throwing light on the Data Analytics and the annual size of the global data sphere in which she quoted our  honorable Prime Minister that “ the data is the new oil.” She added that “data is the new gold.” Dr Agarwal further mentioned the importance of the study of data analysis, explained about the job related to Data Analysis, shared facts about the exponential rise in enrollment in online data science course, and the top IoT trends in 2020 and the recommendations of Harvard Data Science Review (HDSR). Mr Sushil Ranjan Roy, Associate Professor, XISS summed up the insights of all the Business Sessions of the ATAL FDP as a Rapporteur. Meanwhile, Dr Amar E. Tigga proposed the vote of thanks.

The five day AICTE ATAL Online FDP concluded with the National Anthem.