Inauguration of New Academic Session of batch 2023-25

Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Ranchi inaugurated the new academic session of batch 2023-25 in the Fr Michael Van den Bogaert Auditorium in its campus. All faculty members and students from four programmes of XISS namely Human Resource Management, Rural Management, Financial Management, and Marketing Management participated in the inauguration.

The chief guest for the event, Mr Vinay Ranjan, Director (Personnel & IR), CIL, Kolkata addressed the audience and said that, “If you walk on the path of learned people, you’ll get wisdom.” He also shared insights of wisdom where he urged the students to embrace perseverance, constant learning, regularity, hard work with an objective, never be desperate and have a mentor to earn success. He highlighted that this is India’s decade and the students when they join the industry will become the workforce to achieve the dreams of the country.

Earlier, Dr Pradeep Kerketta SJ, Assistant Director, XISS, began the ceremony with an inaugural prayer and in brief shared the transformative journey of St Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuit Society followed by the Jesuit Education values such as showing the way to God, walking with the marginalized, journeying with youth, and caring for our Mother Earth.

Dr Joseph Marianus Kujur SJ, Director, XISS in his address welcomed the incoming batch and mentioned it as a new beginning of a new chapter in the life of the students where they embark on a transformational journey in pursuit of excellence and a brighter tomorrow. He also quoted Albert Einstein and said that knowledge flows from one source to another just like energy. It can neither be created nor destroyed. He also laid emphasis on the importance of ethical decision making and stated that XISS focuses on sustainable development and inclusive growth. He encouraged the new batch to embrace and seek unknown, while pushing their boundaries and being resilient.

Dr Amar E. Tigga, Dean Academics, XISS, earlier introduced the guest of honor at the event, describing him as an impactful leader who leads a highly productive workforce. He also emphasized on his vast learning and an extensive 28 years career across public and private sector.

Mr Salil Lal, CHRO, Maruti Suzuki and an esteemed alumnus of XISS while announcing the Maruti Suzuki XISS Awanish Kumar Dev Memorial Scholarship winner names of batch 2022-24 during the ceremony fondly recalled his journey in the Institute and said that he is grateful for the support of the Institute and his organization in shaping his journey. He inspired the students to be active, agile, and genuine. Dr Shyamal Gomes, Head of Programme, HRM proposed the Vote of thanks.

Maruti Suzuki XISS Awanish Kumar Dev Memorial Scholarship

The Maruti Suzuki XISS Awanish Kumar Dev Memorial Scholarship, is constituted in the memory of Late Mr Awanish Dev, GM Plant HR, Maruti-Suzuki India Ltd. who was an alumnus of XISS PM&IR batch 1982-84. He lost his life during a workers’ unrest at the auto major’s Manesar plant on July 18, 2012.

XISS with Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. has jointly set up the Maruti Suzuki XISS Awanish Kumar Dev Memorial Trust where the purpose of the scholarship is to encourage competitiveness and learning amongst the HR specialization students at XISS, Ranchi.

During the Inaugural Ceremony the names of winners of the Maruti Suzuki XISS Awanish Kumar Dev Memorial Scholarship of batch 2022-24 were declared by Ms Suparna Dev, wife of Late Awanish Kumar Dev and Mr Salil Lal.

Ms Simran Chhabra, Ms GSS Anila and Ms Muskan Sharma of HRM Programme of batch 2022-24 were each awarded with Rupees One Lakh only as the winners of the memorial scholarship this year which is being awarded since 2013.

Sessions on Students’ Committees and Clubs held during the ongoing Induction-cum-Orientation Programme of new batch

Day 2:

On day 2 of the Induction-cum-Orientation ceremony of batch 2023-25, a common session on introduction to the Constitution of India was given by Mrs Saumya Maniny Sinha, where she emphasized on the profound significance of the Constitution to the students. She highlighted the that the Constitution's brilliance lies in its adaptability to changing times, fostering national unity through linguistic states, and reflecting evolving values with amendments. This session was coordinated by Dr Anant Kumar. The day was followed by several sessions across all academic programmes.

Day 3:

On day 3 students of batch of 2023-25, were privileged to attend a session on the "Importance of Environment and Sustainability" delivered by esteemed environmentalist, Dr Nitish Priyadarshi, Assistant Professor, Department of Geology, Ranchi University. During the session, he shed light on the environment as a complex interwoven system of ecosystems, fostering a diverse range of plant and animal species. Dr Priyadarshi's powerful conclusion resonated with all participants, emphasizing that we, as caretakers of the planet, bear a profound ethical responsibility to safeguard and preserve the environment for both present and future generations. This session was coordinated by Dr Prakash Dash. Following this enriching session, the day continued with a series of engaging sessions across all academic programmes.

Day 4:

The ongoing Induction-cum-Orientation Programme for Batch 2023-25 at the Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi saw several sessions on day 3. In his address, Dr Joseph Marianus Kujur SJ, Director XISS urged the new incumbents to become the change makers of the society and integrate the management education in real life scenarios. He asked them to “Believe in yourself” and stated that, “What we become tomorrow depends on what we are doing today.” He also focused upon role of visionaries and the role of leaders in shaping the world.

Furthermore, the students were introduced to the Jesuits: The founder and characteristics of Jesuits Education and were briefed about the importance of value-based education by Dr Pradeep Kerketta SJ, Assistant Director. In his address to the students, he said that, by following Magis and Cura Personalis, one can grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally. He also emphasized on being grateful for the opportunities presented in the way and to also show gratitude towards all. 

During the day, the students were also informed about the different committees of XISS such as SC/ST Committee, Internal Complaint Committee, Anti-Ragging Committee, Counselling Services and Student’s Grievance Redressal Committee which are to support them. The students were also introduced to SWAYAM courses and were encouraged to take them up for better learning. Alumni Association of XISS (AAXISS) led by Vice Chairman Mr Jasbir Singh Khurana along with Mr Abhishek Victor, GM HR Medanta Hospitals and other AAXISS Members recalled their journey in XISS and motivated the students. Later, sessions on XISS library and ERP system were also given to the students.

Concluding the session, all Student’s Clubs of XISS brimming with excitement introduced all clubs to the new incumbents. Obscura - The Media Club, Embark - The Management Club, Aawaz - The Dramatics Club, Creategic - The Creative Club, Pulse - The Dance Club, RCSR - The Rotaract Club of Social Revolution, MAXIS – Music Association of XISS were introduced amidst lour cheer, dance performance, song performance, and a short nukkad act.

Day 5:

On day 5, students embraced profound wisdom as Swami Bhabishananda Maharaj shared insights on Universal Human Values, inspiring a journey towards collective betterment. This session was coordinated by Dr K K Bhagat, Dr Shyamal Gomes, and Dr Tina Murarka. Following this enriching session, the day continued with a series of engaging sessions across all academic programmes.

Day 6:

Day 6 of the Induction-cum-Orientation programme commenced with a session led by Mr Rahul Poddar, focusing on "Yoga for Overall Wellbeing." This session was coordinated by Dr Madhumita Singha. The day was followed by several sessions across all academic programmes.

Day 7:

On Day 7 of the ongoing programme, Heads of All Programmes organized ice-breaking events amongst the first-year students along with other important sessions.

Concluding Day of the ongoing Induction-cum-Orientation of Batch 2023-25

The Orientation-cum-Induction Programme at XISS, Ranchi for the batch of 2023-25 concluded after eight days from its commencement. The students attended a series of holistic sessions to blend themselves effortlessly to the institute and understand the vision and mission of the institute.

Dr Joseph Marianus Kujur SJ, Director congratulated each student on completion of the session. In his address he emphasized on Unity and stressed on harmonizing our forces to achieve success. He also spoke about NEP 2020, Multidisciplinary approach to education and changes in trends of higher education: Opportunities and Challenges. He said that students are the most important stakeholders of XISS and that each of them stands for the brand of the institute and represent it. He also spoke about the need to adapt to change. He focused on the Jesuit learning Methodology which students should implement in their everyday life: Context, Experience, Reflection, Action, and Evaluation.

Dr Pradeep Kerketta SJ, Asst Director, wished the students on their embarkment of this new journey. He emphasized on respect for one another, responsibility and purpose of mission and vision. He said that all of us realize our purpose only when we work hard. He advised each to be focused on their aspirations and be optimistic.

The rigorous sessions of each programme came to a conclusion as Dr Amar Eron Tigga, Dean Academics was pleased to welcome the students to the XISS family. He motivated the students to participate actively, build relationships and seek new opportunities. He also stressed about taking care of health and inspired them to celebrate wins and losses. He also shared about the campus being Plastic Free, a new initiative by XISS.

Further in the event, Dr Bhaskar Bhowani, Head of Programme, Financial Management urged the students to learn with positive mind and keep a positive attitude.

Dr Shyamal Gomes, Head of Programme, Human Resource Management stressed on the importance of ‘Magis’ and urged the students to keep learning. He also stressed on the 3 Cs: Collaboration, Communication, and Cooperation.

Meanwhile, Dr Bhabani Prasad Mahapatra, Head of Programme, Marketing Management shared the feedback of students on the Induction Programme. He reiterated and said that we don’t just preach teamwork, we practice it.

Dr Anant Kumar, Head of Programme, Rural Management urged the students to stay committed and bring a positive change in life of others. He stressed on building trust, being compassionate and being simple.  The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr Indrani Ghatak. Newly inducted students of batch 2023-25 will now begin with their classes from August 01, 2023.