Eminent Speakers captivate the audience during ‘COUNTDOWN’ on “Sustainable Planet” organized by TEDxKanke

International think tank TEDxKanke, Ranchi organized a TEDx Talk on the theme “Sustainable Planet” on December 10, 2022, at Management Training Institute, SAIL, Ranchi. TEDxKanke COUNTDOWN aimed to bring the best idol and innovators from diverse streams to create awareness towards our Ecosystem.

Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Ranchi is proud to be associated with TEDxKanke as its knowledge partner. 20 students across all programmes of XISS volunteered at the event and made this event a grand success which was attended by 100 guests.

A condensed version of a TEDx flagship conference, COUNTDOWN is about creating self- awareness among the citizens towards deforestation, water-level depletion, greenhouse effect, ozone layer depletion, and extinction of flora & fauna. Thus, ensuring responsible behaviour of people to preserve the natural resource for future generations and protect our mother nature, and benefit the community, society, and humanity. The event commenced with the lighting of the lamp and a welcome note from the Curator of TedxKanke Rajeev Gupta who said that this is the time to act and make the planet a better place to live in, together.

Speakers of the TEDxTalk

Nalini Shekhar, Founder, Hasiru Dala Innovations

Topic – ‘Create Your Approach: Urban Poor or Environmentalist’

While speaking about the importance of waste pickers in the economy she quoted, "It is important to understand that when we talk about sustainable development, waste management is of extreme importance and we need to reduce it." Adding to this she said, " When I look at rag pickers, I look at them as people who work for the environment, the silent environmentalists."

Shaurya Tarini, Scuba Instructor, Scuba School International

Topic – ‘Conservation - Out of Love, Not Out of Fear’

She said the context of increasing plastic in oceans drastically affects aquatic life. According to her animals are less complex than we humans and they follow a certain rhythm that regulates their life. She added, " We only truly protect and defend what we truly love and your efforts become more consistent, once you try to love what you want to protect."

Roshan Lal Sharma, Director, Tajna Shellac Pvt. Ltd.

Topic – ‘One: A Great Blessing’

A man of extreme dedication and knowledge, he had a clear view of what a wonder God has created in the form of forests. He added while throwing light on the importance of forests stating, "I saw that destruction of forests is the major cause of pollution and we must preserve that process, I started planting trees and I continue to plant them."

Sanjeev Kumar, HRD, ED, SAIL

Topic – ‘Digital Transformation for Sustainability'

“We’ve to say goodbye to fossil fuel and say hello to renewable energy. Until we switch to renewable energy, we cannot do anything about Sustainable Planet.”

Himadri Biswas, Research Associate, Florida International University

Topic – ‘Achieving Sustainable Development Goals through Community Awareness and Participation’

Guided by clear thoughts and passion, Mr Himadri said, “If we want to change and attain sustainability, we all must collaborate because one individual or sector can go far up to a certain level so everyone has to come together to attain goals that we have aimed.” Stating the importance of voice and communication he added that "If you aren't saying anything, you probably don't have a problem. Speak up, be heard!”

Shivalik Prasad, Vice President, Strategic Alliances & Sales, Siberos

Topic – ‘Connected and Sustainable Mobility'

Talking about connected & sustainable mobility he has the desire to move from place to place. He gave the concept of Electrification in vehicles and how it will increase the efficiency in coming future. Supporting the 2-wheeler policy. He further promoted car rentals in metro cities. "Humans have the desire to move and that movement initiates growth.”

Professor Werner Menski, University of London,

Topic – ‘Laws and policies related to sustainable development’

He enlightened us with his views on constitutional & Environmental Policy. He underlined 3 points. Identifying, Navigating, and Implementation of policies. He further added increasing population gradually increases pollution.

Martin Dubois, M'dub Instrumentalist

He is a firm believer in the fact that music is the best way to communicate and indeed it was reflected beautifully in the way he performed using multiple instruments in the most magical ways. He said, "Everything starts with an 'I', i.e every change begins with us.”