PRAKRITI – The Official Students Club of Rural Management Programme

Prakriti is the official student club of Rural Management Program, which is one of the flagship courses of XISS. This programme has been witnessing a lot of changes and development in rural sector that took place since the establishment of this institution. Thus, Prakriti is an initiative to connect the present generation of students to most experienced alumni base and also link the corporate world to the rural sector in a way that every student and alumni achievements get a wide coverage and the door to the professional opportunities opens for every individual who is/are a part of this sector.

Prakriti therefore, has four main verticals where the students will work as a team to achieve a common objective.

Event management – This vertical will be responsible for organising and handling all the events of Rural Management. Stakeholders Connect – Every Alumni and Corporate connection will be addressed through this vertical. They will act as a bridge between the internal and external committee.

Knowledge Management – This will take up the responsibility of all the documentation and editing.

Publication – Every publication and social media platform including Gmail, Fb, Twitter etc. will be handled by the publication team.

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