It was 500 years ago from now that a boy named Inigo was born in the Basque country of Northern Spain.Living in a small castle because of his noble birth, the boy grew up to be well educated, with fondness for clothes, beautiful ladies and the unflinching sounds of battle. He thought of himself as a great soldier, and he was indeed one. Although he thought himself to be great lover, it seems that God had different plans for Inigo of Loyola.



Wounded in the battle of Pampalona in 1521 against the French, he resumed to his couch, enduring much pain and boredom.
Primarily to be free from his present state that he took on to reading the lives of great saints like St. Dominic and St. Francis of Assisi and vowed to live a life like them.


Gradually by God’s grace he was transformed and had set his steps on the rocky path that would lead him to Salamanca, Paris, Venice, Jerusalem and Rome.


By this time he was known as Ignatius of Loyola who received from Pope Julius III, a decree proclaiming that he and his little group of nine followers would happen to be known as the “Society of jesus” in the year 1540 in Rome.
A new religious order came into effect in the Catholic Church, one that would spread throughout the world and have profound effects on many lives.


While Jesuits were opening schools and colleges across Europe (hence nicknamed as the schoolmasters of Europe) Francis Xavier, a close friend of Ignatius came to Goa in 1542 and started many schools.



Over the years many of them would take Francis Xavier as their patron because he, like Ignatius also became a Saint. Today one wonders, how many Indians have been educated at such prestigious institutions as Xavier’s – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Patna, Ranchi, Hazaribagh, etc. It was as a continuation of the tradition of such hallowed education temples that Xavier Institute of Social Service was established in 1955 at St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi. Initiated with a humble objective of training young men and women in Personnel Management, Industrial Relations and Rural Development & Social Welfare, XISS has trodden a long path of glory and success over the last 66 years.


In 1973, the Institute was registered as a separate educational society under the Societies Registration Act, 1960. Since then in history it has been recognized as one of the most outstanding management schools in India.


In 1978, it moved to its present site and over the years has grown in terms of both capacity as well as resources.
From an extension center of St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi, to becoming one of the India’s most reputed educational institutions, the journey for XISS has all along been guided by the needs and aspirations of the region in which it operates. Education at XISS means sensitizing the students with appropriate values, attitudes and critical thinking tools that set them apart as ‘Professionals with a Difference’. What started 66 years ago as a center of social service founded by the Society of Jesus, has today grown into a reputed business school.



The Uniqueness of the professional education at XISS is that it promotes excellence in academic as well as in grassroots experience through rural camps & field works. This makes the students fit in any industry or organization at the local, national & international levels.


Today it has developed its own distinct identity to become one of the premier management schools of India in the fields of Human Resource Management, Rural Management, Information Technology, Finance and Marketing.