Dr Ramakant Agrawal
Dr Ramakant Agrawal

Professor, Human Resource Management

Date of Joining: 01.08.1988


Ramakant Agrawal is Ph.D. in Economics from Ranchi University. He is a gold medallist in Masters of Arts (Economics). He is also UGC JRF from the first ever batch in 1986. He joined XISS in 1988 and except one year in 1996-97, he has continuously worked here as a Faculty Member first in the Department of Rural Development and then in the Department of Personnel Management/Human Resource Management.

Professional Experience

His research interest is public Finance and has written State memorandum for the Government of Jharkhand twice, one for submission to the13th Finance Commission and another for submission to the 14th Finance Commission. He has also conducted a research study on Evaluation of State Finances for the state of Jharkhand for the Fourteenth Finance Commission. He has represented the state of Jharkhand as an Economist in Thirteenth and Fourteenth Finance Commission’s meetings. He has been a consultant to the Finance Department of Jharkhand Government and conducted a few studies for it including one on Value Added Tax (VAT). He also conducted a study on the system of sales of alcoholic beverages in Chhattisgarh for Jharkhand Government subsequent to which the state implemented a new system for sale of alcoholic beverages in the state that was based on Chhattisgarh model


He has imparted training to state-level administrative and judicial officers at Sri Krishna Institute of public Administration (SKIPA), Ranchi and Audit Officers of Indian Audit & Accounts Department (IA&AD) at the Regional Training Institute (RTI) Ranchi which falls under the office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG). He was nominated as a Member of the State Planning Board. He was a part-time faculty to teach a course on Social Research Methods in XLRI to the full-time management students of PMIR and Business Management Day (BMD). He is currently professor of the Department of Human Resource Management. One can reach me on various social media platforms

Tel : Ext: 207