Clarity of objective leads to achievement of goals in the field of Mutual Funds

Mr. Purusartha Tripathi, Assistant Manager at HDFC Asset Management Company Limited, initiated his interactive talk session on ‘Mutual funds’ under the on-going ‘World Investor Week’ at XISS, on 30th September, 2019. During his talk session he emphasised on the importance of saving to the students from the beginning of their careers while informing about the HDFC Group of Companies. In the beginning of the session, he was felicitated with a bouquet by the students of Human Resource Management, Finance, Marketing and Information Technology Programmes as a token of gratitude.
Mr Tripathi gave insights on how we can convert income into wealth. He also said that investment is objective while he presented the growth rate of investment in mutual funds, shares and debentures stating the opportunities of investment in them, and urged the students to start investing at personal levels as well.
He said that mutual funds are a pool of money with a particular objective and also discussed about various benefits of investing in equity with a target in mind.
The session was accompanied by a Question and Answer segment and was concluded with a vote of thanks given to Mr Tripathi. The session was coordinated by Prof. Prashant Kumar Jha from the programme of Finance. XISS looks forward to more of these interactions in the near future.

Re-connect, remember and rewinding the old times at Alumni Association of XISS (AAXISS) Alumni Meet

Friends and memories are always cherished and here is the time to create lifelong relics.
The premises of XISS Ranchi, on the 21st September 2019 had an ambience of joy, nostalgia and fun on the occasion of the alumni meet of Alumni Association of XISS (AAXISS), Re-connect.
It was an opportunity where everyone reminiscence on the old times and discussed on the current happenings of the College. This opportunity to catch up with classmates, teachers, and live those golden days yet again was grabbed by each one present.
The meet was inaugurated with welcome of the dignitaries, heads of the departments, faculty members and guests of the institution with a tribal song and dance and felicitation of the heads of the institution. The audience was welcomed by Fr. Alex Ekka S. J. who encouraged the participation in the association and advised to expand it in the coming days. The program was followed by a cultural dance performance by the present students of XISS. Dr. Amar Tigga Acting Director XISS also shared his views and said: “Connect and make the world better for tomorrow” .This was followed by an interaction with the ex-students through an interesting question answer session. There were several performances by the present batch students and a beautiful tribal dance.
This get-together was organized to provide a platform upon which senior alumni working in Public sector undertaking, Central Govt, State Govt, Pvt Sector and others self-employed will act as a resource centre for the students of XISS. Regular academic input, career counseling, help in placement training etc. are other areas in which alumni may work as key contributors in consultation with XISS management.
The event concluded with a note to meet again and sincere vote of thanks from respected alumna Mr. Alok Gupta. The event was organized by alumni Mr. Jasbir Singh Khurana, Mr. Alok Gupta, Mr. Abhishek Victor, Mr. Himalay and others.

Blood donation camp and awareness program organised at XISS

A Blood donation camp and awareness program was organised on 18th September 2019 in the college auditorium. The purpose behind the camp was to make students aware about benefits of donating blood and helping the society fight with the deficiency related to less amount of blood available in blood banks of Jharkhand. Less amount of blood available in the blood banks is particularly a matter of concern in case of ailments such as Thalassemia, Sickle cell anaemia and Haemophilia. Patients suffering from thalassemia require around 800 units of blood every month.
The camp was organized by Mr Atul Gera (Founder, Life savers and Jharkhand Thalassemia foundation) and the Programme of Marketing Management, XISS, Ranchi. Mr. Gera told that the blood donation drive is particularly for the children suffering from blood related ailment such as Thalassemia in Sadar hospital situated in Purulia road, Ranchi. Thalassemia Day Care is an 18 bed facility in Sadar Hospital Ranchi supported by Jharkhand Thalassemia Foundation. More than 400 children across Jharkhand come to the centre for their fortnight transfusion.
Mr. Gera also informed that it takes 21 days to regenerate the RBC (red blood cells) in a human body, hence, the more an individual donates blood, faster the body will regenerate blood. He also added that donating blood frequently by a healthy individual makes the body more immune to diseases. He urged everyone to take part in the noble cause. The student donors were first examined for their blood pressure, blood group, weight and other medical conditions. Around 30 students across various programs at XISS donated blood for the Thalassemia children of Day Care Centre, Sadar Hospital Ranchi making this event a success.

Guest lecture on growing Microfinance Institutions and emerging career opportunities

On 19th September 2019, a guest lecture on ‘ Empowering the feet on street in the Financial Inclusion Industry’ was organized in the auditorium of Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Ranchi. The speaker of the session was Mr. Prashant Rai, VP- Head HR, Admin, Training & CSR of Arohan Financial Services Limited. Dr. Amar Tigga, Acting Director XISS was also present in this informative session. Around 120 students from Rural Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management and Information Management Programme were present during the session.
The session was inaugurated by welcoming Mr. Rai who then began with his insight on the scope of Rural Management. He discussed its importance in the current scenario relevant in the country along with highlighting the growing start-ups and various types of funding. He then provided the students with the understanding about Arohan Financial Inclusion Industry which is a part of Aavishkaar Group Company. He told the audience about the various financial services being provided by the organization in form of equity funding and unsecured loans and that the loans are given for business purpose and to economically active person. He also talked about the Sankalp foundation which is a part of the same and welcomes ideas from people, funders and NGOs. Through a presentation he showed the growth which the organization has been through and the huge career prospects which this industry has to offer as 85% of the Indians face difficulties in accessing financial services.
During the session various dimensions of financial inclusions were discussed like banks, NBFC and MFI. He talked about the changing consumer behaviour, the E- Bazaar application offered by it and the expansions being carried out because of the requirement of manpower diversity. He also laid stress about the increasing application of technology in every field.
The session was then followed by an interactive question- answer session in which the students cleared their doubts about micro finance industry and their future career prospects in it. Mr. Prashant Rai suggested and impressed upon the students to develop a positive attitude, technical skills, smart dressing sense, skills to strike smart conversations, and not to just go by brands. He advised the students to focus on learning in their early years of their career and only monetary benefits for a prosperous career as the tolerance of companies at present is going down as talent availability is going up. The session was lastly taken over by the Dr. Tigga who threw light on the importance of the session and how to use the learnings in their career. He also advised students to enhance their skills keeping the latest trends of market in knowledge. The session proved to be a good learning experience for all the students who are looking forward to their placements and internship programmes.

Guest lecture on ‘Environment Entrepreneurship and Awareness’

Ms. Khushboo Kataruka, a member of Jharkhand Civil Society and an advocate in the Jharkhand High Court, conducted a guest lecture session on Environmental Entrepreneurship and Awareness for the Finance Management Programme students at XISS on September 19, 2019.
She discussed the several elements of Environment Pollution, specifically noise pollution and water pollution which were the most significant topic. She also brought light to the importance of Environmental entrepreneurship, and that how students can play an important role and be more aware and sensitive towards the cleanliness of the society and country. The students then took a pledge for their active participation in the anti-pollution drives.
The session ended with Dr. Arup Mukherjee Head of Programme Finance Management, sharing an instance from his life regarding anti-pollution drive and Ms. Vartika Choudhary proposing the vote of thanks.

A Guest Lecture session on “Emerging Trends on Information Management”

A guest lecture session was organized on “Emerging Trends on Information Management” for the students of XISS on 16th September, 2019 by the Post Graduate Programme in Information Technology.
The keynote speaker was Mr. Mrityunjoy Panday. He is an MS in Software Engineering from BITS Pilani and an Adaptive Foundation and Machine Learning Researcher at Cognizant with 13+ years of experience in Software Testing.
The session focused on the use and importance of Data Analytics and provided insights on Machine Learning to develop Predictive and Probabilistic Models. Mr. Panday emphasized on the use of What-If Analysis in making Economic, Banking, Retail and IT decisions. Emphasizing the vigilant use of computers, Mr. Panday said that ‘computer is a brain outside our body’.
We are extremely thankful to Mr. Mrityunjoy for taking out time from his busy schedule and for sharing his vast galore of knowledge. We would also like to extend our thanks to Calcutta University Data Science Group, for providing a platform for this Industry-Academia relationship.
The lecture concluded with an engaging question-answer session with tons of learnings to take home.
XISS looks forward for interactive sessions like these in the near future.

Guest lecture on ‘Retail Store Operations 2.0’ for Marketing Management Programme held at XISS

A guest lecture cum workshop was organised by the Programme of Marketing Management at Xavier Institute of Social Service on the 13th of September 2019. It was attended by all the faculty members and the students of the Marketing Department. Mr. Jagannath Ojha was present to be the keynote speaker for this event. He is the Deputy General Manager-Retail Operations at Max India. Mr. Ojha has an experience of more than 12 years in the retail industry and specializes in the areas of store operations, planning, merchandising and training for channels.
He spoke on the subject ‘Retail Store Operations 2.0’. In this event, which was more of a workshop on Retail Chain Management, the students were given a practical case to work upon.The case required the students to come up with a working business model for the festive season collection for Max India and the operation and review mechanism for it. The students were divided into groups with each group presenting their solutions to the speaker. The goal was to make the students aware about the different processes and about the working of different departments to develop a basic understanding about the management of these teams.
There was a question and answer round towards the end of the event, where all the questions asked by the students were addressed by the speaker with his due expertise. The event ended with a Vote of Thanks being given by Shilpi Shah, a student of first year batch of Marketing. The token of appreciation was offered by Head of Programme, Dr. Pinaki Ghosh and Professor A.R. Bodra from the Programme of Marketing. This event was coordinated by Dr. B.P. Mohapatra.

Guest Lecture Session on ‘Young India Fellowship’ for Marketing students held at XISS

The Friday afternoon, on 13th September 2019, at Xavier Institute of Social Service, witnessed a guest lecture session by the resource person, Ms. Anuja Sinha Choudhary from Ashoka University at Sonipat in Haryana.
Ashoka University provides a Liberal Arts program for U. G, M. A., Ph. D and has a fellowship program known as ‘Young India Fellowship’ (YIP), as it’s flagship, started in the year 2011 and is a one year program. The Fellowship brings together a group of bright young individuals who show exceptional intellectual ability and leadership potential from across the country and trains them to become socially committed citizens of the country. YIF exposes them to a diverse set of subjects and perspectives, delivered by some of the finest teachers from India and around the world. The aim is to help Fellows become well-rounded individuals who can think critically about issues from multiple perspectives, communicate effectively and go on to become self-aware leaders with a commitment to public service.
Ms. Anuja Sinha Choudhary gave us insights about the YIF program, the concept of liberal education, which is a pedagogy with multiple disciplines, has a holistic approach and it’s relevance and importance in the present corporate world. She mentioned the concept of ‘T’ shaped model students and how they are different from ‘I’ shaped model students.
The students were informed about the application and selection process which is based on merit and the need-based scholarships provided by the University.
Besides this, she also shared the special programs like the Critical Writing Program (based on think, reflect, argue, express), mentorship (which is student-friendly), beyond the classroom learning and unique assessment process for an overall development for the students. The session was viewed as of immense importance for the students who wants to pursue further academic qualifications.

Guest Lecture on Mutual Fund – Attractive Domain for Fulfilling Career and Stupendous Growth held at XISS

On 3rd September 2019, XISS students of Finance Management welcomed Mr. Lagan Agarwal, Assistant Vice President and Regional Head, SBI Mutual Fund, Uttar Pradesh in XISS Campus for a guest lecture.
He arrived in the institution to impart his knowledge to the students on “Mutual Fund- Attractive Domain for Fulfilling Career and Stupendous Growth” as the Guest Lecturer.
The event marked it’s beginning with Director XISS, Dr. Amar Eron Tigga presenting Mr. Lagan Agarwal with a bouquet of flowers as a token of gratitude.
Mr. Lagan Agarwal mentioned, that mutual fund is a business of making people happy and making them realise their dreams and goals by growing their money through mutual funds.
He discussed the potential of mutual funds, a business which has grown from ₹50,000cr in 2004, when he ventured into this sector, to now a staggering ₹25 lakh crore business in the year 2019.
He also elaborated and discussed about the job opportunities available in the mutual fund sector.
He urged the students to start investing on a personal level so that they get a dry run on how mutual funds work and how SBI Mutual Fund is different from it’s competitive counterparts.
The session was accompanied by a Question and Answer Interaction segment and concluded with Dr. Arup Mukherjee (Head of Programme – Finance) presenting a Memento to our Guest of Honour as a token of appreciation.
XISS looks forward to more such interactions in future.

Serving the society should be your motto: Dr. Sunil Barnwal inspires young professionals at XISS

“It’s not about what you achieve; it’s about how you can serve the society.”
These were the inspiring words quoted by Dr. Sunil Kumar Barnwal as he initiated his interaction on ‘Role of Stakeholders in Rural Development’ in XISS auditorium on August 31, 2019. This event was attended by Head of Program, faculty members and students of all departments of the institute.
Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Ranchi played host to Dr. Sunil Kumar Barnwal, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister of Jharkhand in its campus on Saturday.
Mr. Sunil Barnwal was given a warm welcome and was felicitated with a sapling by the Director of the Institute, Dr. Amar Eron Tigga. In his welcome address Dr. Tigga discussed on the idea of inclusion of Administration and Government oriented lectures by field professionals for the wider exposure of the students. He said that the collaborative efforts of Administration, Academicians and Organizations would move the cause of building a highly developed country further.
Mr. Sunil Kumar Barnwal, an IAS officer and a topper of the 1997 batch, shared his pearls of wisdom and experience in administration with the students.
During his tenure in the field of Administration for the past 22 years, he contributed in various verticals of the Government of Jharkhand. He earned laurels by working in notable programs like ‘Momentum Jharkhand’, Sarva Siksha Abhiyan and projects that involved bringing Industrial Reforms and Investments in the State of Jharkhand. He enlightened the audience by sharing important yet accurate facts and figures of the State, that 76% of the population lives in Rural Areas. He also stated that the projects run by the government have a mission to bring positive changes in these rural areas. However in order to make these changes effective, contributions from civil society organization, private companies and professionals are also crucial. Thereby, bringing to light the ‘Role of Stakeholders in Rural Development’.
He emphasized on the combined efforts undertaken by the elder generation who possess experience and the young generation who are embedded with the knowledge of technology to bring change in rural areas. He also stressed on the fact that time, knowledge, technology, investments and the management of the plethora of natural resources as well as human resources available in the state play a vital role in the development of rural areas of Jharkhand.
The programme concluded with a question and answer session, where inquisitive students asked questions while Mr. related to the subject, its relation with the future of Jharkhand and how these young professionals can contribute towards the cause and become ‘Professionals with a Difference’. The session ended with a Vote of Thanks by Assistant Director Fr. Pradeep Kerketta S.J.

With Heartfelt Sympathy

Dr Ranbir Kumar Biswas, former Head, Department of Personnel Management & Industrial Relations, passed away on 07th January, 2019 at Bangalore. His demise came to all of us as a shocking reminder of life’s uncertainty. A Condolence Meeting was held at XISS auditorium on 08thJanuary, 2019. The meeting was attended by the Director, Heads of Departments, Faculty Members, Ranchi-based Members of Alumni, Project Officers, Staff and students of Human Resource Management. The Director, Faculty Members and a member of the alumni reminisced about the legacy left behind by Dr Biswas and resolved that the best tribute to the departed soul would be to continue his legacy. May his soul rest in peace and may the Lord give courage to the bereaved family to overcome grief and sorrow.

Congratulations to Dr. Sudeep Kumar

Congratulations to Dr. Sudeep Kumar for successfully supervising his first Ph.D. scholar Mr. Sumeet Kumar Gupta of ICFAI University Jharkhand who successfully defended his thesis titled “Management of Man-Made Disasters in Secondary Schools of Ranchi District, with Special Reference to Prevention and Preparedness” during the viva-voce examination held on 20.11.2018 at ICFAI University, Ranchi. During the occasion, Dr. Sudeep Kumar was felicitated by Prof. O.R.S. Rao, Vice-Chancellor of the ICFAI University for his successful contribution in the award of the Ph.D. degree of his scholar.

Workshop on Gender Sensitization

Xavier Institute of Social Service had conducted a “Workshop on Gender Sensitization” from 2nd May to 4th May,2018 under the guidance of Director Fr. Dr. Alexius Ekka S.J. The workshop was conducted for the Staff members, for the Internal Complaint committee members of XISS and XIPT and also for the Faculty members of XISS. Mrs Sunita Tawani was the resource person to facilitate the workshop. She is the Founder CEO of “Full Circle” and has 25 years of rich work experience with Tata Group. Mrs Sunita Thawani retired as Chief of Legal from JUSCO. She has conducted around 140 workshop. She is a lawyer by profession and has also worked in the Supreme Court of Delhi. The workshop was to bring awareness to the staff and faculty members of the Institute about the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act,2013. This program was coordinated by Prof. Mary Bodra along with the Internal Committee members, Prof Dr R. K. Agarwal, Prof Mahua Banerjee, Prof Nidhi Shukla,Dr Raj Shree and Ms Sabina.



XISS Alumni Meet of UP Chapter

Alumni meet of XISS Uttar Pradesh chapter was organized on 11th November 2017 at Lucknow. The meeting started with welcome and self-introduction. The meeting was attended by 25 alumni where they discussed various issues concerning alumni. The alumni also discussed forming alumni association representing all streams and batched which was endorsed by all. It was also discussed and decided that the next meeting will be organized in December in Lucknow during study tour visit of XISS students. The date, time and venue of meeting will be communicated in consultation with XISS study tour visiting team.



Congratulations Mr. Nabhojit Dey

Chevening Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship given to mid career professionals who wish to pursue higher education in United Kingdom. The scholarship is provided by the British High Commission through a rigorous process of selection.


This year more than 50,000 people applied for this prestigious scholarship worldwide out of which only 1065 were selected. One of the Chevening Fellows for this year is Mr. Nabhojit Dey.

He is an alumni of XISS who completed his post graduate studies in Rural Development in the year 2006. He plans to use this fully funded scholarship to pursue Masters in Social Research Methods from University of Sussex this year. He has more than a decade of experience in the field of development and has worked with organizations such as UNICEF, UNHCR, CRY, Childfund India and FES. He also qualified UGC NET in 2016 in Social Work.

XISS wishes him all success for his endeavour.


Congratulations Dr. Amit K. Giri

Dr. Amit K. Giri, an Assistant Professor of Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), received the prestigious RDW fellowship from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) for the year 2017. ILO is an agency of the United Nations and primarily works for the welfare of labourers around the world. In 2017, The fellowship was awarded to only 20 researchers in the world. The fellowship recipient gets cash award of USD 1000 and are invited to present their research works in the ILO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The ILO covers the full cost of the fellowship winners travel cost from their home country to Geneva and back from Geneva to their home country. Dr. Giri participated and presented a paper titled “Labour Conditions in the Global Value Chains in India: The Case of Handknotted Carpet Manufacturing Cluster” in the 5th Regulating for Decent Work Conference in ILO’s headquarters in Geneva on 3-5 July, 2017. Dr. Giri’s article, based on extensive field work, held responsible not only the local formal and informal institutions but also all other key stakestakeholders in the carpet global value chain, mainly the lead firms, for the deplorable working conditions of the workers in the hand-knotted carpet industry. The paper suggested various ways and means to improve the working conditions of workers in the industry.



Congratulations to Prof. Rik Das

Congratulations to Prof. Rik Das on getting the article “Partition selection with sparse autoencoders for content based image classification” published in Neural Computing and Applications
ISSN: 0941-0643 (Print) 1433-3058 (Online)
Volumes: 28
Issues: 148