About the Club  (info and activities of the club)

Aawaz, the first ever dramatic club of XISS was formed with the intent of inculcating in the minds of students the world of dramatics. It also focuses on promoting social awareness on important issues in the form of art. Though young by age Aawaz has bagged several important achievements starting from Winners in Street play, theatre, kavishala and Mono-act held in ”Ensemble Valhalla” annual fest of XLRI, followed by winners of Street Play at IIM Ranchi. We also bagged an opportunity to perform on the platform of world renounced motivational talk show “TedX, Kanke”. Our team has also engaged themselves in an Ad shoot for Jharkhand tourism, at McCluskieganj. We also marked our footsteps against the sands of time by producing a short film virtually during the lockdown. It is an ever evolving student driven club. Since its year of inception Aawaz has continuously been adding verticles and engagement areas to the club from dramatics, cinematography, designing, theatre, street plays and mono act to writings in the form of “Aawaz Tiny Tales” and “Ek Aawaz Teri Meri”. Our vision is to become a voice of the suppressed and be the change we wish to see.

The history of the formation of Club

XISS being a socially driven Institute has never before witnessed any club that emphasized on the social issues in the form of art by continuously engaging students in this field. Therefore, the students of batch 2019-21 took it as an opportunity to showcase their talent in the field of dramatics and work for a cause.

 Hierarchy followed by the Club

 Being a student driven club we provide a platform where the best of the talent takes the lead in different verticles including- acting, writing, photography, editing, designing  choreography and direction. We work with cross functional teams and are open to new ideas. We shape ourselves in ways as and when required.

TEAM DETAILS (AAWAZ, The official Dramatic society of XISS)


Priyank Pratim9471106090
Akancha Singh8578996889
Simran Jain8404912700
Anamika Ghosh8210236909
Apurwa Sen8789421871
Bhavna Yadav8092301027
Shivani sonali8789021241
Balram das9470573834
Sanya suman8210600002
Mriganav Dutta8291028525
Utsah Tiwari7905732574
Somnath Bid7979875500
Rohit James7042819931
Anshujeet Kumar Singh7651894868
Satyam kishore7011479846
Abhishek Kumar Mishra9709420570
Sohini Sahu8603399379
Neha singh9939131029
Rishabh Vishal8078287993


Shubham Singh7979812122
Gurpreet Kaur8434662004
Aman Singh7903904837
Bahzat Izhar8340519596
Shivanand Mani Mishra7250323505
Shivankar Guha7002816887
Karan sabharwal8604822550


Arsh Nandan Prasad7903506301
Rahul Kumar8340501940
Akash kumar9939976915
Appurva Poddar8580392082
Nitish Hansda9735356020
Shubhojeet roy9113191363


Kumar Akshay8797127980
Abhishek Johnson Minz9102905260
Naman Sinha6205096254
Alok John kujur8789596368


Shristi Rani9113440290
Rajat Vimal8210014582
Kunal Sharma7004880125