The Department of Management Development Programs (MDP) was established to contribute more effectively to the professional development of Indian managers and administrators. The program addresses current topics and concerns ranging from general management to specific functional areas. The premise underlying the design of these programs is to meet the needs, expectations and challenges of managing rapidly changing business. These programs serve as a platform to interact and exchange experiences with fellow participants belonging to a variety of other industries and organizations.

The purpose of the Department is to carry out activities of achieving excellence. From its beginning the Department has served senior managers, middle level executives, supervisors, employees, teachers, home makers. It has served Governmental/ Non-Governmental Organisations, Industries, Voluntary Service Organisations, Management Training Institute etc. It has organized Training Programs, Workshops, Seminars and Conferences. These programs are held as programs announced by XISS in the Institute or as programs on request from organizations at various locations of the country.

The Department of MDP is coordinated by Prof. Ignatious Xaxa (In-Charge: MDP) who is ably assisted by Prof. Mary Sheila Bodra.