Department of Rural Management

    • Mr. Rakesh Das, (Head – Risk Monitoring) IFMR Capital (6th August 2015)


On 4th August 2015, Department of Rural Management had another addition to the list of their interfaces. We had with us, here at XISS, the very renowned face in the field of Microfinance, Mr. Rakesh Das, an alumnus of the 1996-98 batch, who is currently the Head of the Risk Monitoring Department of IFMR Capital. He has been working in the field of microfinance for a good number of years. He started his career in an organization called IDE then at BASIX and Intellecap. After this, he left to continue his studies at Howard University. While returning back to India, he joined IFMR, which is a company is working for structured finance. The interface was quiet an interactive one as the subject of “Financial Inclusion”. He gave a detailed presentation on the working of his organization and what all are their interventions. He talked about the concept of Financial Inclusion in detail. The MOSEC model was something which attracted the student’s attention. He also discussed about the future prospects of working in this sector, specifically the microfinance sector. According to him, it is a booming industry and there are pretty beneficial positions being waited to be filled by budding professionals like our students. He told the students that this sector has loads of learning experiences in store for them.

    • Mr. Ashish Kumar Biswas, (Consultant) DFID (9th July 2015)


On 9th July 2015, the students had a splendid opportunity to have an interface with Mr. Ashish Kumar Biswas, consultant, DFID (sponsored programme). He was generous enough to take time out from his busy schedule and come to XISS. An alumnus of our very own Rural Management Department, he is currently based at Patna, Bihar and is working on a project named WASH, which stands for Water And Sanitation, Hygiene Programme, for the past 25 years. The interface started with the introduction of the CRSP (Central Rural Sanitation Programme) which later on transformed, with a few more added components like TSC (Total Sanitation Campaign). The students were made aware about WASH as the need of the hour in our nation. To add vigour to TSC implementation, Government of India has separately launched an award scheme called the “Nirmal Gram Puraskar” for fully sanitised and open defecation free Gram Panchayats, Blocks and Districts. He spoke about the importance of capacity building, IEC, and BCC in this sector. It was pretty informative to know the role of the students who, “to be professionals”, can play be very important in the implementation of this programme. On a concluding note, Mr. Biswas mentioned that development should not simply focus on infrastructure. “Community changes, socio-political, geopolitical and mindset changes among people is necessary” he added.

    • Mr. Sujeet Ranjan, (COO) Magic Bus (29th June 2015)


The Department of Rural Management organized an alumni interface on 29 June 2015. For the session, department had invited its alumni Mr. Sujeet Ranjan, (Chief Operating Officer) Magic Bus, of the batch of 1990-92. Mr. Ranjan talked about “Maternal and Child health and Nutrition”. He focused on the disconnect between ‘health’ and ‘nutrition’ in the nation and how the repercussions of this disconnect is proving to be a ‘silent emergency’ in Jharkhand and many other states in India. To strengthen his argument further he pointed out facts and figures on “Maternal and child malnutrition”. He shared his experiences and highlighted the plethora of challenges he faced like Social Exclusion, Gender Inequality, Low Birth Weight, Neonate mortality and many more. He defined the role of budding development professionals in health sector by enlightening how to mobilize and influence the society and stressed on the need for universalization of coalition development. Through this informative session students gained clarity about the health and nutrition sector.

Orientation Program 2015

After the formal inaugural session of the new batch, each of the department hosted a three day orientation program for the incumbent students. In the course of orientation many alumni members of XISS interacted with the students and enlightened the students about the ethos of the institute. The Alumni members who visited the institute are as follows:

Department of Information Management

      • Mr. Gurpreet Singh (Manager HR & IR) Tinplate Company of India Ltd.

      • Mr. Shahid Ashraf (Assistant DM) Tata Hitachi Construction Equipment Company Ltd.

In addition to the above Mr. Vinod Kumar (Senior Scientist) Jharkhand Space Application Centre delivered a lecture on GIS and Remote Sensing

Department of Human Resource Management

      • Mr. Ravi Singh (Head Human Resources) Tata Motors Ltd.

      • Mr. Prabhas Nirbhay (Managing Director) Flipcarbon Consulting

      • Mr. Imdad Ali (Chief HRM) Tata Steel

Department of Marketing

      • Mr. Indranil Nayak, (Senior Executive) Jaypee Cements Limited. Class of 2008-10

      • Mr. Malay Nath (Deputy Manager Marketing), Godrej. Class of 2008-10

Department of Finance

      • Mr. Manish Thakur, (Manager) Sriram Finance Limited. Class of 2008-10

      • Mr. Pankaj Shukla (Deputy Manager Finance), Godrej. Class of 2008-10

Department of Rural Management

The Department of Rural Management underoook three(3) Day Orientation Programme from 17 to 19 June 2015. In this Orientation the faculty members took sessions to make the new students understand what values XISS holds and how Department of Rural Management works. What the various academic activities (in class room and outside class room) as well as non academic activities are? In the same line the department had invited 7 Alumni members to interact with new students of batch 2015-17. They talked about Understanding of and Scope in Development Sector and their own journey after XISS. Their inputs had a strong impact on those who are now enrolled in Rural Management. The long interactive sessions with the alumni have led the current students to realise what development is all about and how they can contribute in this sector. The alumnae who visited the Institute during the period were:

      • Mr. A.K. Singh (Director), LEADS (Life Education and Development Support). Class of 1993-95

      • Mr. Mahadev Handsa (State Program Manager), Save the Children. Class of 1995-97

      • Mr. Johnson (State Head), DFID-PACS (Poorest Area Civil Society Programme). Class of 1997-99

      • Ms. Swati Sinha (Consultant), Water Aid Nepal. Class of 1997-99

      • Mr. Vinay Panday (Livelihood-NF-Skill & Placement Coordinator) JSLPS. Class of 1998-00

      • Mr. Prabhat Sinha (Lead-Patients Relation and Communications), Novartis Oncology Class of 1999-01

      • Mr. Himalay Indraprastha (Management Trainee –Community Development), Central Coalfields Limited. Class of 2010-12