Fulbright-Nehru grant recipient joins XISS for Research Project

Juliet Flam-Ross, a graduate in BA Economics from Oberlin College, Ohio (US) is a Fulbright-Nehru grant recipient from USIEF (United States-India Educational Foundation). She has joined Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Ranchi and will be working on her research project, “Human Development Implications of Substance Abuse in India”.
Talking about her motivation, she said that she already had an inclination towards this social issue, and her previous visits to India and encounters with the people affected from substance abuse and their family members further motivated her to go ahead with the research.
Juliet has visited India a couple of times in the past. First in 2015, when she visited Hyderabad, and then to New Delhi in 2016, to pursue a 9-month course in Lady Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi. Her subjects included Development in Economics and Economic History of India, Econometrics, Economic Sociology.
Her areas of interest lie in finding about the issues related to Public health, Education, Development of Human Index, Happiness, Welfare and Gender.
When asked, why did she choose XISS, she stated that she got to know about Dr. Anant Kumar through his research work (Dr. Kumar is a Nehru-Fulbright Scholar and an Associate Professor in the Programme of Rural Management, XISS) and through his colleagues in Delhi and that she preferred the method of research being carried out at XISS under the mentorship of Dr. Kumar, as he uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative research techniques, that is also her preferred way for conducting research.


On 20th November 2019, Mr. Sourav Bhowmick (Campus France, Kolkata), Mr. Amitava Das (The French Consulate, Kolkata) and Ms. Solveig Oberseither (Institut Farançias en Inde) came together to conduct a seminar at XISS on Campus France Mission (#CHOOSEFRANCE) where they gave a presentation about the study options, courses, scholarships, student facilities and career opportunities in France.
The session marked its beginning with Dr. Amar E. Tigga Acting Director, XISS and Fr. Pradeep Kerketta S.J. Assistant Director, XISS welcoming and felicitating the three guest speakers with a bouquet. This event was attended by around 70 students from across all five programmes.
The guest speakers began the seminar by describing about the ease of applying for any university in France and they also mentioned that there are around 500+ scholarships worth four crores that are available for Indian Students.
Not only this, they also stated the perks of living, studying and working in France which are possible through student subsidies, medical and safety benefits, cheaper tuition fees and cheaper cost of living facilities. They proudly expressed about the high rate of industry exposure and endless job opportunities that an individual would receive while pursuing a course of their choice in any university in France.
As the session drew to a close, an interactive Question and Answer session took place where students enquired about the different courses they can take up, the job opportunities that they would receive post their graduation from a university in France, the duration of applying for multiple courses and what sets apart the education and job opportunities in France from other countries.
The session ended with Dr. Amar E Tigga sharing the great hospitality, environment and kind of people he experienced while he was on his trip to France. Riji Cyriac (a student of Human Resource Programme) marked the end of this wonderful interaction through a Vote of Thanks.
XISS looks forward to more such engaging sessions in future

Dr. Amit K. Giri at University of Antwerp, Belgium

Dr. Amit K. Giri, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Finance Management, had been invited from December 8, 2018 through December 16, 2018 by University Foundation for Development Cooperation, University of Antwerp, Belgium, to engage in various classes and colloquiums on ‘Labour Conditions in Global Value Chains in India’. At the University of Antwerp, he taught to both undergraduate and postgraduate students of various disciplines. Quite a few professors from various disciplines also attended his classes. His two days sessions were exclusively meant for shop stewards. As many as 25 shop stewards from across Belgium attended the sessions. He also visited 3 factories in Antwerp to gain first-hand experience of working conditions of labourers in Belgium. His trip to Belgium was fully funded by the University Foundation for Development Cooperation, University of Antwerp, Belgium.

Prof. Niranjan Sahoo at Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Prof. Niranjan Sahoo at UN

Asian Productivity Organization (APO), Tokyo, Japan and NPC, Government of India have selected Prof Niranjan Sahoo from XISS for a workshop on Innovative Rural Community Development Models which was held at Yogyakarta, Indonesia from 22-27 Oct 2018.

22 Participants from 14 Asian countries took part in it. Prof Big Bye from Linchon University, Christ Church, New Zealand, Prof Wuhan from Korean Institute of Rural Development, Seoul, Prof Umeda from Kyoto University, Japan and Ms Jisoo Yoon, APO, Japan were the resource persons. Objectives of the workshop was to acquaint the participants on various rural development models being practiced in various Asian countries.

Prof. Niranjan Sahoo at UN platform in Mongolia

Prof. Niranjan Sahoo at UN

Prof. Niranjan Sahoo presented an Official Statement at United Nation’s platform in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia organized by UNISDR. The 2018 Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction held in Ulaanbataar city of Mongolia from 3rd~6th July 2018. Objective of this forum was to make global level policy agenda on disaster risk reduction in order to comply with the main agenda of Sendai Framework 2015-2030. The conference was attended by high level delegations consisting of Ministers and subject matter Specialists of various countries from Asia and other continents of the World. The delegation from India was led by Hon’ble Minister of Home Affairs (State) Shri Kiran Rijiju while Dr. P.K.Mishra, Additional Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister, Shri Sanjeev Jindal, IAS, Jt Secretary (Ministry of Home Affairs), NDMA Member Mr. R.K.Jain, IAS (Retd), Indian Ambassador to Mongolia and a couple of Senior IAS from various States were the member of the delegation. As a part of the Indian delegation, Dr. Niranjan Sahoo, Associate Professor of Disaster Management, XISS presented an official statement on urban risk reduction plan for Ranchi city.

Students’ participation in Summer Course in Belgium

Summer Course in Belgium

Congratulations to Ms. Kanaya Mahanti and Mr. Debdorshi Malakar of Rural Management Department (Batch 2017-19) who will participate in the summer course ‘Europe: Diversity and Migration’ (25 June – 6 July 2018) at Stadscampus, University of Antwerp, Belgium. The course focuses on Europe related diversity and migration issues, based on a mixture of theoretical, practical and empirical insights from an interdisciplinary perspective and will provide insights, information and tools based on empirical case studies and several field visits. The summer course is funded by the USOS scholarship, covering travel, accommodation and subsistence allowance to attend the course.

Every year two students from the Department of Rural Management, one of the flagship courses of the institute, are selected through a rigorous competitive selection process. The coordinator of the Program, Dr. Anant Kumar said, ‘we are thankful to the University of Antwerp and USOS for providing such an opportunity to our students. Over the years, students have been benefitted by their participation in the summer programme which is not only an academic programme, but also provide an opportunity to interact with participants from different countries and exposure to diverse cultures.

Prof. Niranjan Sahoo’s Speech at UN Forum: Congratulations

Dr. Sahoo @ UNISDR

United Nation’s International Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) which has its Head Quarter in Geneva, Switzerland organized The Global Platform 2017 on Disaster Risk Reduction in Cancun city, Mexico from 22~26 May 2017. The chief objective of this biennial global forum was to resolve the policy on disaster risk reduction in the entire world. Around 1000 Ministerial and subject matter delegations from more than 200 countries took part in this forum. Dr. Niranjan Sahoo, Associate Professor of Rural Management at Xavier Institute of Social Service was one among a few Indian delegations. Dr. Sahoo presented his official statement on the issue i.e. psychological behavior of the community people during onset of the cyclones in India. Dr. Sahoo also paid an official visit to the Disaster Rescue center of Air Force base to get an exposure on disaster rescue mechanism where he was welcomed by the Mexican Air Force.

Team XISS visits Korea

Korea Visit

New places give a new experience and two students and two faculty members were lucky to have a taste of it. Prof. Anmol R. Bodra and Prof. Mary Bodra, along with Mr. Shashank and Ms. Aaisha, students of Dept. Of Information Technology, XISS Ranchi visited Hwashin Cyber University, Busan and Vision University, Jeonju, South Korea for International Friendship Program from October 27,2016 to November 24, 2016.

The professors shared the highs and lows of their whole experience. Prof. Anmol Bodra expressed how difficult it was for them to converse with the Koreans because of language barrier. Nevertheless, the enthusiastic help and warm hospitality of Dr. K. D. Loupous and the English Department of Hwashin Cyber University, Busan made the experience enjoyable.

Prof. Mary Bodra had a mesmerising experience and was fascinated with the food, climate, environment and their culture.

They were fortunate enough to get a chance to learn the Korean language and their culture as they visited the University’s President House.
In addition, they got insights of how Vision University emphasizes on their infrastructure and hygiene and get their students industry-ready by providing them a wholesome of personality grooming as well as Industrial training.
Mr. Shashank and Ms. Aaisha were lucky to have a first hand experience of interaction with students coming from all the parts of the world. Also, they gained knowledge of technological advancement like 3D printing and industrial integration with universities and learned Korean language and culture. There insights on future aspects for the students of XISS is of major help. They even provided information regarding the eligibility criteria to apply for jobs in Korea.

Visit of French Consul of Kolkata to XISS, Ranchi

French Consul of Kolkata

Xavier Institute of Social Service organized a student interaction session with Mr. Damien Syed, Consul General of France in Kolkata.

They were here to promote the possibility of an international student exchange program in France, which is a pioneer in the field of education. Currently, more than 3000 Indian students are studying in France.

The faculty interaction began with Prof. S R Shauq followed by Dr. M H Ansari. He focused on the issues of sustainability, green energy and reducing carbon emission with the help of low carbon economic projects.

During the student interaction Mr. Amitav Das briefed the students about the MOU between XISS and University of France and the scholarship program wherein almost 300 scholarships are being offered. The duration of the management program is 18 months along with 6 months of paid internship in a French company.

During the Q&A session, Questions were asked related to the selection procedure, the ideal time to apply for the course and the scope of IT and Rural Management in their University. The event was concluded with a cultural program followed by the vote of thanks presented by Rya Ray from HRM Department.

XISS Students in Antwerp University, Belgium


Critical Interdisciplinary Course on Children’s Rights (CICCR), international summer school on children’s rights, is being held in Ghent, Belgium from 28 August – 9 September, 2016.CICCR is organised within the institutional framework of Human Rights for Development (HR4DEV). The course is a joint initiative of University College Ghent, Antwerp University, Belgium and the Children’s Rights Knowledge Centre (KeKi).

It has a long-standing reputation in the field of children’s rights as being a major educational opportunity for governmental and non-governmental leadership throughout the world. It provides an intensive training programme on children’s rights for a professional audience of 40 participants from all continents.

CICCR thematically focuses on children’s rights between the global and the local. The course creates an open forum where academics can meet and exchange views with professionals who deal with children’s rights in a more practical way. Insights and concrete experiences from a very diverse and multidisciplinary audience of European and international experts will be amplified and mutually influenced.

We are proud to share that Ritika Nath, Divya Sharma and Slade D’Cruz, our students from the department of Rural Management (batch 2015-17), would be the only participants who would be contributing to the program as students.

Divya says, “During our field exposure and field trips, I saw the people, but mostly the children, the way they live. That’s when I thought I have to do something for the betterment of their condition.
I am grateful to all the faculty members who have taught me and made me able enough to be selected in such a dignified programme. I am also grateful to XISS for bringing in this course and giving students a chance to present themselves. Every student has the potential to do good, all it takes is a little trip to the library.”

Ritika says, “Since I am a student of Rural Management, this exposure is undoubtedly going to be a noteworthy one. We will not only interact with the experienced and the working professionals of this sector, but we will also get a chance to put forward our thoughts, views and ideas in front of them. It is our responsibility to represent our country’s current status when it comes to children and their rights. We hope to impart our best knowledge to them and at the same time imbibe the diversity of thoughts and approaches of the people present there. On a concluding note, I’d like to thank XISS for giving me this opportunity. I hope that I do justice to my college and my country by delivering quality output at Ghent.”

XISS wishes them all the success and glory.

Student Exchange Program 2016 (University of Antwerp)


Seven students from the University of Antwerp, Belgium, Ms. Mouna De Bruyn, Ms. Laura Lundahl, Ms. Stephanie Van Breedam, Ms. Lisa Kuppens, Mr. Pepjin Van Lith, Ms. Nora Soliman, and Mr. Achille Hannoset along with their Supervisor Martine Vandervelden visited XISS, Ranchi to do their dissertation and internship. The students did their dissertation on different topics such as non medical support infrastructure available to sexually assault women in India, dowry related deaths in an national and international law context, gender wage gap, international policy on violence against women and its impact on women in local communities in India, India’s position in the international climate change negotiations, and on women who are victim of domestic violence under the supervision of Dr. Anant Kumar, Dr. Rajshree Verma, Prof. Prakash Chandra Dash, Dr. Joe Hill, and Mr. Sanjay Verma. They also visited various institutions such as Nari Niketan, Women’s Police Station, Women’s help Line and did their internship with Human Rights Law Network (HRLN). As part of their exposure, they also went for urban field work exposure to urban slums with rural management students of XISS and participated in Independence Day celebrations. The students also presented their work to rural management students. The exchange programme was coordinated by Fr. Alex Ekka and Dr. Anant Kumar.

Prof Seung Hee Kim @ XISS

\Speaking to the student of the Xavier Institute of Social Service at Ranchi Prof Seung Hee Kim from the Vision University of Jeonju, South Korea expressed that India is an emerging Super Power. India has youth power and is also a vast market. India is very important for South Korea. South Korea need Indian Software programmers. Last year the Indian PM Narendra Modi has shown interest for bi-lateral Economic Cooperation. Prof Kim on Thursday was speaking on the topic of XISS faculty serving in South Korean University and possibilities for academic cooperation between XISS and XIPT. Prof Kim laid emphasis on the Student Exchange Programme between the two countries and the possibilities of XISS Students pursuing foreign Internship at South Korea. Also, Prof Kim says that there is possibilities for students of XIPT to get employment in the automobile sector.

Father Ekka, Director, XISS told that he has spoken to Prof TK Louis, Prof Niranjan Sahu for visiting various Universities of South Korea. Further, studying in South Korea, Mr Varisth Kumar Kanth, Nepal Origin also expressed his views.

South Korea Visit


Dr. Niranjan Sahoo, Associate Professor of Rural Management in the Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi delivers a few lectures on Disaster Management to the staff and trainees of Korean Fire Safety Institute and Disaster Management Center in South Korea on 11th of May 2016. He also visited various Korean Universities like Han Seo University, Sinhan University, Ansan University, University of Suwon in South Korea and delivered lectures on Indian Education System and Disaster Management in some of the Universities during his visit to South Korea from 1st of May to 15th of May 2016.

Summer Course in Belgium

Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Ranchi for the last two years has been successfully participating in the Student Exchange Programme with the University of Antwerp, Belgium. This year too, the institute in collaboration with the University of Antwerp has been able to secure funding for participation of two XISS students in one module of Human Rights for Development HR4DEV2015 course (16-28 August 2015). The funding covers travel, accommodation and subsistence allowance to attend the course.

Every year two students from the Department of Rural Management, one of the flagship courses of the institute, are selected through a rigorous competitive selection process. The first two students selected from the institute are Mr. Aakash Sah and Ms. Yashmin Josephine Sharma. These two students are funded by the USOS scholarship. This year two more students on the self-funding basis will be attending the summer course. The self-funded students are Ms. Malavika Rao and Mr. Gurbir Singh Chadha. To add to the privilege, this year the USOS also provides an additional visit to Antwerp (29th August -3rd September) for extra activities along with the summer course in Leuven.

The summer course so far has been very successful at fulfilling its purpose of an overall understanding of the course as well as at providing a grand exposure to the students and intellectuals coming from all over the world.

International Association of Jesuit Business School (19-22 July 2015)


The 21st International Association of Jesuit Business School (IAJBS), Annual World Forum on “Leadership and Innovation for Sustainable World” was held from 19th July-22nd July, 2015 at The Catholic University of Uruguay – School of Business, Montevideo, Uruguay. The participants in this forum were from all over the world. A four member team from XISS, Ranchi, namely Dr. Fr. Alexius Ekka, SJ (Director), Dr. SN Singh (Head – Information Technology), Dr. Mahua Banerjee (Assistant Professor, Information Technology) and Prof. Mary Sheila Bodra (Assistant Professor, Human Resource Management), participated and presented papers in the Forum. This Annual World Forum was organized by Colleagues at The Jesuit Education and The Catholic University of Uruguay School of Business, Montevideo, Uruguay. The IAJBS World Forum provides a platform Jesuit B-Schools for sharing of experiences and for networking. Around forty nine Jesuit B-Schools participated in this world forum. Participants were from all over the world. United States of America was represented by Boston College (Massachusetts), Fordham University (New York), Georgetown University (Washington DC), Loyola University (Chicago) and Santa Clara University (California). the European Union was represented by University of Antwerp (Belgium), Warwick Business School (United Kingdom), National College of Ireland (Dublin); Catholic University Eichstatt-ingolstadt (Germany) and Universidad de Madrid (Spain). Latin America was represented by Universidad Alberto Hurtado (Chile), Universidad CAECE (Argentina) and Universidad Catolica Andres Bello (Venezuela). From Asia participation was from Atteneo de Manila University (Philippines) and Sogang Business School (South Korea). More than 300 delegates attended the world forum. XISS (Ranchi), along with XLRI (Jamshedpur) were the only B-Schools which were invited to participate in the event .

The representatives from XISS Ranchi presented papers on various aspects of Jesuit Business Management and Teaching. Fr. Alexius Ekka, (Director, XISS) presented paper on “Innovation in Teaching Business: An Experience from Jesuit Business School in Rural Management”. Dr. Satya Narayan Singh (Head Information Technology) paper presentation was on “Innovation in teaching Business Management at XISS, Ranchi”. Dr. Mahua Banerjee presented paper on “Entrepreneurial Education: An Inspiration from Jesuit Educational Institutes” and Prof. Mary Sheila Bodra presented her paper on “Contribution of Indian Industries to Sustainable Development: Case study of Tata Steel” at the World Forum.

Another Achievement was that Fr. Alexius Ekka from XISS, Ranchi and Fr. E. Abraham from XLRI, Jamshedpur have been nominated as members of the International Association of Jesuit Business School (IAJBS), Executive Committee, 2015-17.

One of the key speakers in the 21st IAJBS Annual World Forum was Prof. Chris Lowney, a former Jesuit Seminarian turned Investment Banker. He was appointed Managing Director of J.P. Morgan & Co. while still in his thirties and held senior positions in New York, Tokyo, Singapore and London until leaving the firm in 2001. His first book – “Heroic Leadership: Best Practices from a 450 year old company that changed the world” was the No. 1 bestseller worldwide. A versatile writer, public speaker and a renowned leadership consultant, he spoke on “Global Sustainability and Leadership Lessons for Jesuit Business Schools”. What should Jesuits B-Schools do in the 21st century? How can Jesuit B-Schools differentiate themselves through the Ignatian Spirituality and Jesuit values? He stressed on Leadership and Innovation and the DNA being the Jesuit tradition. He emphasized on the creation of a much bigger Jesuit network and to use it more vigorously. One should be ready to take risks in pursuit of Magis. According to him, Jesuit Schools cannot operate in isolation. There has to be a focused and real collaboration of philosophers, theologians, economists, and successful Alumni. He also insisted on a bigger and broader network.

A city tour was organized by the organizers and participants were taken around Montevideo for sightseeing. Montevideo is the capital and largest city of Uruguay, the southernmost capital city in the America. On the second day the participants were taken to “Zonamerica” A world–class business campus for operations in Latin America. Zonamerica has received a number of international awards and recognition from more than 350 companies that have selected Zonamerica to conduct their international operations. It is considered to be the free zone in Latin America by Americas Free Zone Association (AFZA).

Student Exchange Program 2015 (University of Antwerp)


Five law students from the University of Antwerp, Belgium, Ms. Azumi Habib, Mr. Sam Conix, Ms. Frederique Philippo, Ms. Laura Van Deun, and Anouscka Gyesbreehs, are here to do their dissertation and internship. These students are doing their dissertation on different topics such as witchcraft accusations and women’s rights, death penalty in India, Acid Attacks, Right to education, and the Cessation of the nuclear arms under the supervision of Dr. Sudip Kumar, Dr. Rajshree Verma, Prof. Himadri Sinha of XISS, Advocate Anoop Mehta of Jharkhand High Court, and Prof Sourabh from Central University of Jharkhand. They are also doing their internship with Human Rights Law Network (HRLN). As part of their exposure, they also went for urban field work exposure to urban slums with rural management students of XISS and participated in Independence Day celebrations. The exchange programme is coordinated by Fr. Alex Ekka and Dr. Anant Kumar.