Course Structure for PGDM (Rural Management)


Trimester – I

Society, Cultural Change and Structural Analysis
Theories of Development
Rural Economy, Entitlement and Development
Child Rights, Gender and Development
Development Administration, Programmes and PRIs
Principles of Management & Organisational Ethics
Communication for Development
Quantitative Methods -I
Practical Exposures

Trimester – II

Micro Economics for Rural Development
Agrarian Relations, Reforms and Contemporary Crisis
Behavioural Science
Human Resource Management for Rural Managers
Financial Accounting
Quantitative Methods – II
Social Research Methodology and PRA
Research & Writing Skills
Practical Exposures

Trimester – III

Macro Economic Principles & Policies for Rural Development
Organisational Behaviour
Public Health and Sanitation
Displacement, Resettlement & Rehabilitation
Corporate Social Responsibilities
Operations Research
Computer Application & MIS & Computer Lab
Climate Change and Sustainable Development
Sustainable Management of Land and Water
Project Management – I
Practical Exposures

Trimester – IV

Project Management – II
Natural Resource Management & Commons
Social Justice & Social Action
Elective I – (Any Two)
A. GIS & Remote Sensing
B. Livestock Production Management
C. Agri Business Management
Elective II – (Any Four)
A. Rurban Management
B. Management of Cooperatives, Producer Groups & SHGs
C. Sustainable Business and Green CSR
D. Rural Marketing
E. Data Management
F. Livelihood Promotion & Skill Development
Practical Exposures

Trimester – V

Crop Production, Organic Farming & Biodiversity Management
Training for Development
Elective III – (Any Five)
A. Entrepreneurship Development
B. Social Entrepreneurship
C. Women Development
D. Public Policy Analysis
E. Social Marketing
F. Data Analytics for Rural Development
G. Disaster Management
H. Rural Financial Services & MFI
Practical Exposures

Trimester – VI

Management of Institutions
Elective IV – (Any Three)
A. Supply Chain Management
B. Financial Management
C. Micro Insurance & Risk Management
D. Disaster Risk Reduction
Practical Exposures

Practical Exposures

Soft Skill & Personality Development Lab
Urban Field Exposure
Institutional Visit
Rural Camp
Term Paper
Agricultural Practical
Study/Industrial Tour
Performance Evaluation & Grand Viva Voce