National Seminar On February 13-14, 2014 XISS, Ranchi

About XISS

Xavier Institute of Social Service was established in 1955 at St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi. From a humble beginning made with the objective of training young men & women in personnel Management, Industrial Relations, Rural Development & Social Welfare; over the last 50 years XISS has trodden a long path of glory and success.

In 1973, the Institute was registered as a separate educational society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. From that point in history it has been recognized as one of the most outstanding management schools in India.

In 1978, it moved to its present site and over the years has grown in terms of both capacity as well as resources. Today it has developed its own distinct identity to become one of the premier management schools of India in the fields of Human Resource Management, Rural Management, Information Technology and lately even Finance and Marketing Management.

Since its inception, XISS has identified itself both as service institution and centre for academic excellence. As a service institution, XISS has a vision of just, humane, and equitable society where the underprivileged (poor and oppressed) assume their rightful place. XISS also visualizes itself as a centre of excellence in the country, imparting value driven management and development education, and catering to its diverse clientele and stakeholders.


Conference Themes

Child insecurities in India with special reference to Jharkhand.

Status of Child Labour and its consequences.

Child Trafficking : A Challenge to Child Protection.

Roles of PRIs in Securing Childhood.

Child Marriage : Eliminating Harmful Social and Cultural Practices Affecting Children.

Achieving MDGs in Context of Child Rights.

MDGs Progress and Prospects in context of Achieving Universal Education.

Legal Rights of Children and Role of Legislation.

Birth Registration Children in conflict with law.

Strategies for promoting Child Rights and Securing Childhood.

Experiences of different Projects/Case Studies.