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(Vol. 16, No. 3, July-September, 2018) ISSN 0973 – 8444
Health Care and Ageing: A Study of Old Widows in Rural Haryana
Kanchan Bharati1 & Sandhya R. Mahapatro2
1Research Associate, Centre for Culture and Development (CCD) Vadodara-21,; Mob: (0) 9909878824
2Assistant Professor, A.N. Sinha Institute of Social Studies, Patna-01.
Abstract: The proportion and numbers of aged are significantly increasing worldwide. They are living with multiple hardships but their health care is becoming a major challenge. It is of a foremost concern as ageing is accompanied by multiple illnesses and physical ailments, thereby making aged people more prone to live with health difficulties. In this context, the present paper focuses upon the main objective of looking at the health conditions of old widows and its access and support in the rural Haryana. It is based on the data procured from primary field study through interviews and questionnaire. The findings reveal that due to various constraints old widows ignore their health status and consider it as being normal until they suffer from serious medical ailment. At the time of health emergency, it is the family which still determines the health situation of widows in terms of support and care. However, widows try to remain productive to the household (despite health issues) because it entails their social status in the family. The study implicates that health status of old widows or elderly in general has wider implications. It is linked to their economic and social status. A better viable and affordable health care system is a major need in current times considering the diminishing nature of primary family care.
Keywords: Ageing, Widows, Elderly, Medical Care, Social Support, Economic Security
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