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Campus Placement Programme (Batch 2013-15 Final and Batch 2014-16 Summer)

Phase – I : From 18th November to 6th December 2014.
Phase – II : From 6th January 2015 onwards.

The Placement Cells

The campus placement of the students of XISS is co-ordinated by the Central Placement Cell headed by Chief Coordinator. It works in unison with Departmental Placement Cells, constituted of students. The Departmental Placement Cells are guided by senior faculty members from respective departments.

The Process

For the convenience of the prospective employers, the Campus Placement Programme is detailed below:-

Campus Placement commences from From 18th November to 6th December 2014. The second phase commences from 6th January 2015 onwards. Interested companies are requested to inform in advance the date on which they wish to visit XISS for campus placement. They are also requested to indicate the facilities required for the selection procedure, viz. accommodation/ transport facilities and booking requirements.

On receiving communication from interested companies for bio-data of students, the Placement Cell shall forward the same to them. Group Discussions, Interviews and other methods of selection adopted by the organization are conducted in the campus. If required, students may be called for final interviews at the company’s expense to its headquarters.

The candidates placed in one organization are not allowed to be the part of the placement activity for any other organization. If any student gets enlisted in more than one organization then the organization coming up with the final list first, has the opportunity to take that student in their organization.

On confirming final selection, the appointment letter issued by the organization is sent to the candidate through the Placement Cell.

Pre - Placement Talk (PPT)

All the companies are expected to deliver a Pre-Placement Presentation to the students where all relevant information about the job may be discussed. If such a presentation is not possible on the part of any company, then it is requested to send all relevant details making use of the Permanent Placement Reply Format in advance to the Placement Co-ordinator. PPTs can also be held by the company just prior to the commencement of the Campus Placement Programme at the Institute.

Date of Joining

The students of batch 2013-15 would be ready to join the organization in April 2015 after the convocation. The summer interns (batch 2014-16) will be available for joining from 15 April, 2015 for a period of 6-10 weeks depending upon the requirements of the project.

Campus on Wheels

In the last few years, though interested to recruit from the Institute, some organizations have not been able to come down to the campus due to certain unavoidable reasons. With a view to accommodate the request of such organizations, the Institute has introduced “Campus on Wheels”. The organizations interested in recruiting through “Campus on Wheels” should send back the response form, in the specified format. They should also attach the relevant information about the job along with the form.

For Further Information Please Contact:

Dr. Amar E. Tigga
Chief Coordinator - Placement
Mobile : 94317 08808
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Prof. Sajeet Lakra
Asst. Coordinator - Placement & Corp. Relations
Mobile : 94311 09632
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