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Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi
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National Stock Exchange, Mumbai
NSE Certified Capital Market Professional (NCCMP)

The aim of the NCCMP Program is to develop employable skills and competency in securities markets.

  • It is a 100 hours program,
  • Spanning over 4 - 6 months
  • Covering theoretical and practical training in subjects related to capital markets (80 hours theory, 20 hours practical)

What is NSE Certified Capital Market Professional?

NSE Certified Capital Market Professional (NCCMP) is a course launched as a joint program between National Stock Exchange of India Limited and reputed Educational Institutes across the country to impart knowledge and awareness about the securities market and thereby upgrade the skills and proficiency of the participants (candidates) of the program. In Jharkhand, XISS, Ranchi is the exclusive partner for this program with NSE, Mumbai.

Who can register?

The students of any Institute who are either studying graduation or have completed graduation; post graduates, working professionals, Investors etc can register for NCCMP. The basic educational qualification required to pursue this course is graduation (Students appearing for the final year examination can also apply).

How to register?

The candidate needs to contact the course co-ordinator/Admissions officer at XISS and register in the course by submitting the registration form available at XISS campus. The cost of the registration form is Rs500. The classes of NCCMP first batch is starting from 15th September, 2012.

What are the Course Contents?
  • Introduction to Financial Markets
  • Derivatives
  • Trading System
  • Macro Economics
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Market Operations
  • Discussions on Financial Newspapers and Journals
  • Practical Training
What is the Training Methodology?

There would be 80 hours of theoretical session conducted by XISS faculty members and NSE Experts. There would be 20 hours of practical sessions on the Trading System (mock or simulated environment) and exposure to back office operations by a NSE Trading Member in their office at Ranchi or in XISS Computer Lab.

What is the Examination Methodology?

Basically two examinations and a project work have to be completed during the course. Details are as follows

  1. Mid term Exam - Conducted by XISS.
  2. Project work - Topic shall be provided by XISS and the same shall be submitted and evaluated by XISS faculty members, before the candidate appears for End term exam.
  3. End term Exam - On-line Examinations to be conducted by NSE at Ranchi. Date of Exam shall be finalized by NSE in co-ordination with XISS and once the same is confirmed no change of dates are possible for any candidate.

What are requisites for course completion?
  • Securing at least 50% marks in Mid term examination
  • Submission of project work of satisfactory quality
  • Securing at least 50% marks in End term examination
What if I am unable to secure the requisite percentage?

The candidate would be given another opportunity to meet the above mentioned requisite. If the same is not met then the candidate can avail of a participant certificate or appear for the Exam along with the next batch of students pertaining to the respective institute by paying the Examination fees which would be decided from time to time by XISS/ NSE

When the Certificate will be awarded?

Upon successful completion, the candidate would be issued a joint certificate by XISS and NSE. The certificate would be distributed by XISS within a period of one month from the date of course completion.

What is the Course Fee?

The course fee for the entire course is Rs 15000. The fee covers the cost of study material (provided by the institute), Examination fee, certificate, practical training sessions etc.

Is this course a substitute for any of the NCFM Modules?

No. This course would facilitate the candidates in easier understanding of various NCFM modules and the candidates would be encouraged to appear for more NCFM modules.

How is this course different from NCMP?

NCMP is a certification awarded by NSE exclusively to the candidates who have completed various NCFM modules as prescribed from time to time and is completely different from NCCMP.

In case of any queries kindly contact:

Program Coordinator - NCCMP
Xavier Institute of Social Service
Dr. Camil Bulcke Path, Ranchi- 834 001
Ph: 0651-2200873/08986622008